Wednesday 140226

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
7 sets of hang power snatch + overhead squat

Competition Team WOD:

5 rounds for time:
30 double unders
15 burpees
30 box jumps (24/20)
30 wall balls (20/16)


Do it: CrossFit Games
The test of fitness (video)
USA Weightlifting teaches you the snatch (video, slo-mo analysis)
Skill-transfer exercises for the snatch (video)
3 unexpected pricing lessons from CrossFit
Sign up for the Open (here’s WHY) & here’s the shirt you must EARN

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
15 minute AMRAP: 5 power cleans 135/95, 10 sit ups, 20 double unders

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. 1 snatch+2 OHS, 3×3 reps, across
Part B. 5×5 reps TNG snatch, rest 60 seconds between sets
Part C. 1 k row for time


  • Kyle J Smith

    Don’t let double unders get you down! Practice, practice, practice!

    Again faster instructional video:

    Chris Spealler on double unders:

    Dan Bailey chimes in:

    & the Godzilla trailer:

    Type “double unders” into youtube. you could watch videos for days. but don’t. instead grab your jumprope and practice them.

    • Brad Hoover

      Ha James Hobart looks like he’s 15 in that video. Good advice. This one by Dan is also good:

      • Dani Freeman

        barefoot double unders….daring….I tried this technique to learn them quicker…it didn’t work.

        • Brad Hoover

          Sounds painful. I’ll take your word for it ha

          • Dani Freeman

            Coach Chris was an advocate for this. I think he just finds it entertaining.

  • reisbaron

    95# across all sets, all movements. HPS + OHS, PS, full Snatch

    Not that a snatch ladder variant is likely for 14.1, but still keeping it light n easy plus some rest tomorrow leading up to the Open.

  • Was looking at my snatch form only to find this excellent photobomb by @kylejsmith:disqus:

  • Russ Kempf

    95-105-115-125-135-145-155. Rest tomorrow, open workout Friday am.

  • AndyK

    Kept it real light today, focused on form of first and second pulls.
    Hang Power / OHS – 115
    Power Snatch – 135
    Squat Snatch – 135

  • AndyK

    Question about Open WODs:

    Last year the Open WODs were limited to about 12 people, if I remember correctly. How are things going to work logistically this year, with upwards of 20 people in each class? Last year the longest time cap was around 17 minutes. Including warm up / warm down, that does not really leave much time to run more, smaller heats.

    I am sure some of it will be trial/error and based on the specific WOD, but interested to hear the coaches/owners thoughts.

    • Hari Singh

      “The Unknown and the Unknowable.”

      • AndyK

        Hari, am totally fine with “Unknown and Unknowable”, but when you guys post a full blog entry about using the Open to set a baseline for the gym, I would hope that you would have a better answer.

        There are those of us, not on the competition team, who either did the Open previously, or are doing it for the first time, that want the best opportunity to post the best score possible.

        I do recognize that a lot of it has to do with the WOD announced, but I also know that for some of the WODs we do on a daily basis, the classes are way too full to “post the best score possible”, due to space and number of people, especially during prime gym hours (early morning/after work).

        • Hari Singh

          My point is not that we wont address your question. My point is that as of now, we cannot address your question in any meaningful way. I can tell you that we have and will give the matter a tremendous amount of thought.

          We have the ability to email everyone in advance of what to expect when they arrive. But we cannot do so until we know what the WOD’s are.

          • AndyK

            Understood. Just wanted to raise the point since the logistics will be very different than last year.

  • Eric

    Love/Hate working on the snatch – hate that I can’t pull more but love working on it.

    Stayed in the 65-115 range through all 3 movements. Wanted to just focus on technique and form. Plus keep it easy until the Open WODs.

  • Addie

    Snatch felt much better today (thanks to KStar and daily stretching). Hang power snatch: worked up to 100#.

  • Jaclyn Henry

    lunchtime WOD at UWS! worked up to 113# on the snatch/OHS combo….plus some extra burpee fitness at the end! 🙂