2014 Open shirts for YOU!!

NYC_MensTee_Front NYC_MensTee_Back NYC_Tank_Front NYC_Tank_Back

As promised, we have a special CrossFit Open shirt that will be available to all members who register and compete in the 2014 CrossFit Open. We’ll be ordering them for each of you at the end of the Open, so you’ll get the shirt you want in the size you want. They will be available for men in a tee and for women in a tank or a tee. 5 WODs 0 Excuses. Let’s do this CFNYC!! Join the fun at www.games.crossfit.com and make sure to select CrossFit NYC as your affiliate.


  • JonnyHK


  • Nicki Osborn

    Will there be XS sizes?

    • Hari Singh

      Yes, we will take individual orders from those who are registered and complete the Open. The price will be $5 each (below our cost) for as many as you want.

    • Stacey Pearson

      Nicki these tops do come in XS!! I have an XS sample tank, if you want to try it on, let me know, I’ll bring it in for you.

  • Eric

    Can’t wait.

  • Obviously

    After we register and select Crossfit NYC as the affiliate, do we have to sign up for a special class and/or through a particular link in order to the WODs? Or do I just sign up for classes like normal? Thanks.

    • All our Friday and Saturday WODs are Open WODs, so you can sign up and show up as usual.

  • ben

    can i make a special request for some more hoodies (with the same printing/material as before)? i missed out when they were in stock.

  • Dustin

    There will be one weekend which I will not be in the city (will be in Chicago, and might not be able to participate at the Gym). Is there anyway I can do the WOD for that weekend another way or any ideas?