Friday, February 28: CrossFit New Year’s Day

This year, CrossFit NYC is going to take a different approach to the Open. We’re not just doing the Open WOD’s to participate in the Open. We’re also using the Open as a starting point to help measure the quality of the product that we deliver to you over the next year.

It is a cliché that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. The genius of CrossFit is that it allows us to precisely measure fitness. We are going to use the Open to measure the fitness of the core group of our members who complete the Open; the Open WODs will tell us exactly how we collectively rate among all CrossFitters in the world right now. Then, we are going to make it our resolution to raise significantly the level of fitness of the group. A year from now, we’ll re-test using the 2015 Open WODs. Which will allow us to empirically determine exactly how much fitter we have all gotten.

So here’s what it takes to buy in: this year, you do all five Open WOD’s, and you make zero excuses. You will be ranked relative to all CrossFitters who participate. The key metric we’ll be focusing on is your percentile. If you are number 90,000 out of 100,000, then you are in the 10th percentile. If you are number 10,000 out of 100,000, then you are in the 90th percentile. We will maintain a spreadsheet of every one of our member’s results. Our goal will be to raise significantly the average percentile of the entire group by next year.

Our best guess is that our participants will be in the 50th percentile on average this year. Our goal will be to get that up to the 60th percentile by next year. The only way CrossFit NYC can succeed is to to provide the coaching resources to raise the fitness level of our entire gym. We will be attacking the task on multiple fronts, and we will outline the details over the next few weeks.

Are you in?


  • Shannon Hsu

    im in. Lets do this.

  • Michael J. Bultman

    I can’t wait to watch it all go down!
    Stacey P, will you be my judge for 14.1?

    • Stacey Pearson

      Michael, you bring the emo, I’ll bring the tissues. Let’s DO THIS!!

  • Raymundo Eulises Olivo

    Registered For the Open!

  • Talia

    I’m excited for my first open! Question though, I’m going away from a wed to a Sunday afternoon in a few weekends. Where I am going, the closest crossfit gym is over an hour away. I know I can video it but… Any option if there will be a make up session Sunday eve or Monday am before it closes for the week?

    • Brad Hoover

      You mean to say that there exists a place on Earth where the closest CrossFit gym is over an hour away? You’ve found the Land of Milk & Honey? And you’re going! Do you think Tigger and Piglet are there? (Ok ok… I’ll stop now)

      • Talia

        Lol Brad.. going to Toas New Mexico. Santa Fe is the closest. It does exist where there isn’t a close crossfit gym unless you can find one for me. If only I was going to Park City this year

  • Yep. In.

  • Craig Bagno

    excellent. pushups and spreadsheets. i like it.

  • M_Cohen

    Apologies if this has already been answered on another thread, but will there be any WODs from Fri-Sun that aren’t the open WOD? I was planning on doing the open on Friday and then something else Saturday/Sunday.

    • All Friday and Saturday will be Open WODs. Sunday will be a different (non-Open) WOD.

      • Amy

        will there be judges at every wod on friday and saturday for those doing the open?

  • Hannah Adler

    All signed up and excited for my first Open!