FAQ for the Niketown WOD

For the lucky few that got into the Niketown WOD tonight or Wednesday night, it’s gonna be so great, and we’re so happy that you’re all excited!! For anyone who didn’t, please don’t fret!! We will do many more special WODs in the future, promise.

Where is Niketown? 6 E 57th St, New York (between 5th and Madison)
Restrooms? There are restrooms on the roof, as well as on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Niketown.
What will happen when I arrive? When you arrive, you will be greeted by some Nike staff. If you’re early for your time slot you can change in the restroom, and you will then be asked to wait with the welcome staff at the front of the store. This is so that you don’t have to wait in the freezing cold to get into the tent!
The WOD? You’ll find out when you get there! In true CrossFit fashion, it’s the unknown and the unknowable.
Are the WODs on Tuesday and Wednesday the same? Yes. Tuesday and Wednesday WODs are the same. We did this so that we could offer as many members as possible the opportunity to attend. If you have registered for both days, feel free to cancel one of them to allow someone else to get in there.
What do I need to bring? Bring water and come dressed to work. You don’t need Oly shoes or anything special, but if you are a wrist wrapper, you might want to bring them.


  • Travis Paquet

    Looking forward to tonight! Is the tent heated?

  • lauracton

    Thank you to the people that cancelled! I was able to get into Wednesday at 5:30 thanks to you!

  • Sara Soto

    Had a super great time at the 5:30 Niketown WOD tonight- thank you so much for organizing, planning & programming that!! Just one more reason that our box is the best.

  • Eduard Matamoros

    I also had a great time at the WOD last night—thanks for putting it together.

    Helpful hint for tonight’s attendees: come dressed leave your layeres in the workout area, and not the detached dressing areas. (The dressing areas aren’t heated.)