CrossFit NYC and the 2014 CrossFit Open

Part 1: Our Responsibility to CrossFit

CrossFit NYC is currently the largest affiliate in the US (and possibly in the world). We’re also growing very quickly, so about half of our current members weren’t members a year ago during the 2013 CrossFit Open. So we have a significant amount of explaining to do between now and February 27th, when the first 2014 Open WOD will be announced.

CrossFit NYC will be an active participant in the 2014 Open, and we hope that most of our members will choose to sign up for the Open. This year, to encourage people to complete all five Open WODs, we’ll be selling a special t-shirt (below cost at $5) that will only be available to members who log all five WODs. (We’ll post the design shortly, but the theme is simple: “5 WOD’s. 0 Excuses.”)

The CrossFit Open serves two functions: it identifies the athletes and the affiliate teams that will be invited to participate in the CrossFit Regionals (less than 1% of the participants), and it gives the other 99% of us the chance to measure accurately our current level of fitness both relative to other CrossFit athletes and relative to our ourselves in prior and future CrossFit Opens.

If you’re in the 20th percentile this year, great! You should note that and then get to work moving to the 30th percentile or higher next year. Everyone should leave the Open with the goal of being significantly more fit by the 2015 Open.

Of greatest importance to us (the owners and coaches at CrossFit NYC) is that we uphold the integrity of the CrossFit Open. CrossFit affiliates are trusted to accurately judge participants in the Open – especially those participants whose scores are high enough to be relevant in determining who goes to the Regionals. To the extent that we have dual motives – judging accurately and getting to Regionals – our primary focus will be to judge accurately. We owe that to CrossFit and we owe that to our members. Our coaching staff will do everything we can to ensure that the scores we submit are true and accurate.

Affiliate teams advance to the Regionals based on the top three male and female scores for each WOD. Our highest scores are most likely to come from our coaches and those of our members who regularly participate in the Competition WOD’s, but this is not certain.

For example, Open WOD 12.1 was 7 minutes of burpees. Were this or a similar WOD to appear in 2014, it is entirely possible that one of our newer members might turn in a top score, and if so, even if he or she could not do a single pull-up, that score might count in getting us to Regionals. Therefore it is critical for us to know that such a performance is accurately judged.

In order to make sure we have accurate records of all our top performances, we are requiring that anyone who submits a score with the potential to qualify the athlete and/or our team for Regionals perform that WOD under the strict supervision of our Competition Team coaching staff. We will not allow a score that has not been verified by us to benefit the CrossFit NYC Team. Similarly, we will not validate WOD’s scores that may qualify an individual member (or drop in) for Regionals, unless we have reviewed a videotape of those WOD performances.

As the WOD’s are announced, if not sooner, it will be pretty obvious whether you have a chance of turning in one of the top three scores on the WOD. If something comes up that is in your wheelhouse, we will get you set up to videotape the WOD under the supervision of specifically designated members of our coaching staff.

The details of how we will handle the other 99% of us, doing non-videotaped Open WOD’s will follow in the next post. But, in short, our goal is to ensure that all of our members can participate in the Open and can have a great time doing so, while also ensuring that our judging at every level is held to the high standards that the CrossFit Open deserves.

In the meantime, go sign up for the Open!


  • Nicki Osborn

    Signed up for the first time. Ready to attempt then stare at a too-heavy-for-me barbell for a lot of minutes and have a lot of fun doing it!

    • Joshua Newman

      I know the feeling.

      FWIW, we’ll be coming up with a parallel version of each Open WOD, so that people will be able to get in a full workout even if they reach the limit of what they can do RX’ed.

      For example, if a WOD involves 75#, 135# and 165# lifts, we might suggest a scaling using 75#, 95# and 115# lifts instead. We’ll only count the reps in the first 75# as part of the “official” score, but people can keep cruising through for a full (albeit non-RX’ed) WOD in the balance of the time.

      • Nicki Osborn


  • Maria Sanchez

    happy monday! does anyone know what the WOD will be at niketown?

    • Stacey Pearson

      We do!! And you will too! (when you get there. bwahahah)
      Don’t worry, it will be fun, as there will be some uncommon (for us at CFNYC) movements that should be fun to play around with.

  • AndyK

    Will there be Open WODs during regular class schedules? With the WODs being announced on Thursday nights, will there be Friday morning Open WODs available?

    • stevenrerickson

      There were regular WODs last year Andy, but of course you Are signed up for the open aren’t you!

      • AndyK

        Haha, yes of course I’m signed up. More making sure that Open Wods are available in the mornings, I am traveling a few of the weekends and want to make sure I can get the Open Wod done on a friday

    • Joshua Newman

      We’ll be announcing more details shortly, but ALL Friday and Saturday WODs will be the Open WOD during the Open, so everyone will be able to participate simply by showing up for class.