Sunday 140126

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
10 rounds for time: 3 weighted pull ups 45/25 (negatives), 5 strict pull ups (banded), 7 kipping pull ups (ring row)

Competition Team WOD:

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. strict press 8-8-8-8
B. 1-10 american kettlebell swings 24/16 + 10-1 burpees

Competition Team WOD:
“Filthy Fifty” For Time: 50 box jumps (24/20), 50 jumping pull ups, 50 kettle bell swings (16/12 kg), 50 walking lunge steps, 50 TTB, 50 push press (45/33), 50 good mornings (45/33), 50 wall balls (20/14), 50 burpees, 50 double unders


  • Jim S

    Every class is full tomorrow. And all the waitlists are full any time after 10am. WTH?

    • Jim S

      Now you’re just trolling me.

      • Scott

        Take the free intro. High intensity burpees, squats and sit-up are just as good as 150 pullups. Coach David will take good care of you

      • Just show up.

        At the moment, the cancellation rate on Sunday is huge. People sign up but don’t show up, so we end up with actual attendance numbers that don’t warrant additional classes, yet with classes that look full online.

        We’re making changes for next week, which should solve the problem. For today, if you can’t sign up for a class, come on down and we’ll find a way to make it work.

        • Robert Gillespie

          A ton of people cancel reservations 2 hours prior to the class as well. You usually can grab a spot online during that window.

        • Jim S

          Thanks. Didn’t mean to sound irritable about it. I usually have to sign up the night before because my plans (and what city I’ll be in) are often fluid. I’m accustomed to it being busy and having to take a class either later or earlier than I’d like, but having no empty slots the entire day kinda set me off. I only come in weekends and the last two times I’ve tried to come in I haven’t been able to find a slot. I was just frustrated.

          Anyway, next time. No worries, it’s a balmy 27 degrees now so the garage will be an awesome back up plan tonight.

          • Hari Singh

            If you sign up at the the night before, there is a very high probability that you will need to wait until the next morning to be assured of a slot. When all was said and done, here is the final attendance for today. (Only the 3:00 PM WOD was full): Sunday, January 26, 2014
            TimeClassReservedAttendedNo-Show8:00 AMAll Level WOD131039:00 AMAll Level WOD121119:30 AMAll Level WOD1816210:00 AMAll Level WOD1516010:30 AMAll Level WOD1918111:00 AMAll Level WOD1612512:00 PMAll Level WOD1813512:30 PMFree Intro to CrossFit (28th Street)181371:00 PMAll Level WOD121212:00 PMAll Level WOD191363:00 PMAll Level WOD242224:00 PMAll Level WOD16124

          • Jim S

            Hari, I wait until I’m sure I can be there to sign up so that I don’t contribute to this problem. On those rare occasions that I know for sure I’ll be in town in advance, I sign up in advance, but that’s rare. Rather than be “that guy” and sign up every weekend only to cancel in the morning and exacerbate this problem, I’ve just been sucking it up and taking whatever slot I could get. This isn’t a case of me just being too lazy to sign up earlier, I’m trying to make things easier for everyone. However, this time I couldn’t even get on a wait list. Everything was showing 100% full.

            It really doesn’t mean much to me that there was room in the classes if the schedule showed them to be full. I don’t have a crystal ball so I don’t really want to shlep thirty blocks in the hope that one opens up. Unless you’re saying I should just ignore the schedule and come in regardless. I’m happy to do that. But I don’t want to get turned away at the door and waste half my morning for nothing.

            Anyway, like I said, the garage was 27 degrees tonight, so what the hell. This didn’t kill me. I just like working out at the box and really try to get in when I can. Unfortunately that hasn’t been much lately, and having a full schedule the last two times I tried was a bummer.

            There was a fun bit of irony though. My credit card charge for the black box went through today.

          • Hari Singh

            I’m not suggesting you sign up before you know whether you can attend. Nor am I suggesting you just show up.

            I am suggesting you recheck Zen two to four hours before you hope to attend. In most instances, there were slots open a few hours before class, but not 12 hours before class.

          • Jim S

            I’ve been coming to CFNYC for three years and I’ve never had this much trouble getting into a weekend class. This is new and it’s frustrating. The answer, for me at least, isn’t to block out my whole morning, and sit there in front of my computer in my wod gear ready to run out the door if I get in. And I’m not going to set my alarm for 5am so I can start watching for 9am class cancellations.

            Anyway, take the feedback or not. I’m providing it with good intention. But if you think everything is fine the way it is, that’s fine too. I’ll just work around it the best I can.

          • Hari Singh

            I suggested you check two hours before class. That is not the same as asking you to get up at 5:00 AM to watch for a 9:00 AM class. In fact, you could have easily gotten into a 9:00 AM class by putting yourself on the waitlist Saturday evening. (Your comment was that there wasn’t anything open after 10:00 AM as of Saturday night.)

            When you posted Saturday night, there were open classes before 10:00 AM. All Sunday. pretty much anytime you would have checked, you could have found a class or a waitlist spot available in the next two to three hours.

            What wasn’t available was a guaranteed spot on Saturday night. During January, that is not uncommon.

          • Jim S

            ” If you want to be assured of a spot on Sunday, you need to reserve before Saturday evening ….”

            And that’s what I’ll do. Thanks.

  • reisbaron

    Got all Jersey’d out at Pump Crossfit yesterday.

    Frame carries length of gym (worked up to 1/2 lap at 300+# took 90# off & still dropped twice)
    Grace (4:49 – 9 sec PR)
    12-9-7 deadlifts @ 245#, ring rows (double reps), burpees over bar
    (9-min cap. Took me at least 11 mins. I would’ve checked the clock but at that point I could no longer see)

    Feels like I need a rest week after that. Maybe see ya all Tuesday…

  • Nicki Osborn

    Pull ups on pull ups on pull ups! Did 8 sets of 1-3-5 reps (10# plate for weighted). Nice to meet you, Talia!

    • Talia

      Nice to meet you too Nicki! I’m impressed with your pull ups 🙂 to do weighted… You rock!

      • Nicki Osborn

        Thank you! 🙂