Tuesday 140114

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
Overhead squat 5-5-5-5-5

Competition Team WOD:
MetCon Intervals 40 minutes (30 on/30 off)

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:

Alternating rounds with a partner:

10 min AMRAP: 500 meter row

5 min AMRAP: 12 deadlifts @bodyweight

5 min AMRAP: 21 box jumps 24/20

Competition Team WOD:

2k row test


  • AndyK

    OHS: 5-5-5-5-5: 95, 115, 135, 155, 175 (4 reps, just missed the 5th).

    Last weeks set of three was 155, OHS felt really solid today.

  • John E

    really wish my shoulder would hold up to overhead squat. On another note, I can’t stop watching this. Wish I could play it forever in an infinite loop.


    • Matt Chin

      HAHA. he drops the bar like a boss at the end!

    • AndyK

      That kid is a beast

    • http://www.joshuanewman.com Joshua Newman

      This is possibly the best video that’s ever been posted on our site.

    • reisbaron

      Like a boss… #sick

  • Phoenix

    Today I made my glorious return to crossfit! My overhead squat needs a ton of work, but it felt awesome to get back into it.

  • runtothesun

    More time to lift please!

    • Jared_h


  • michael saterman

    #RoadtoRecovery Day 9:
    OHS: 5-5-5-3-5: 85, 85, 85, 105 (missed 4th), 85.
    First Overhead work since PT.

  • Obviously

    Today’s workout was pretty weak, I must say. OHS were tough but so much of it is form-based. And the lunge thing at the end was a joke. I don’t even feel like I worked out today.

    • DoYouEvenLift84

      I wish I was in the kinda shape where I didn’t feel like I worked out after an OHS day.

    • Moritz

      “OHS were tough but so much of it is form-based” and that is exactly the reason why it is great to spend a whole class on this and nothing else. unless you are actually ben smith of course

    • Hari Singh

      What weights did you use?

      • Obviously

        The OHS were tough for me, as I said. I got up to 125 and did more than 5 sets to work on form. No complaints there. I just thought that it needed to be followed by something much more difficult than three sets of lunges. Because I dont have great OHS form , I couldnt do much weight and therefore didnt really get a good workout in today. I usually feel the results after class, even on “strength days,” today I feel nothing.

        • Hari Singh

          You seem to measure the value of programming by how tired you feel at the end of the WOD.

          The true value of the programming is how much you increase your work capacity over broad time and modal domains.

          Overhead squatting is a key component of several modal domains, including snatching. Unless and until you can OHS well, you will be stunted in how much work you can do (and how tired you feel on OHS days).

          The objective of our programming is to maximize the amount of work you can do per unit of time, not over today’s or tomorrow’s workout, but over the next year of workouts and beyond. Our goal is to make you fit, not to make you tired (although we certainly do the latter often enough).

          But if your objective is simply to feel tired at the end of the WOD, you are going to be periodically disappointed.

        • Avery W

          Obviously, sorry to hear this wasn’t as challenging as you wanted it to be. There are a few options you have going forward if you can’t increase weight due to form:

          1) Change Tempo – 4, 5, 6, counts down to the bottom position – you can hold the bottom position for several counts
          2) Increase Reps – Talk with your coach before doing this, but this would have substantially made the WOD more difficult – one old school CF Gold Standard was Bodyweight Squats x 15 reps – how far off are you?
          3) Increase Reps and Tempo – Infinite Variations Here

          Finally, complaining here on the blog is probably the least helpful solution to your WOD experience issue. If you haven’t discussed this with your coach – then chances are they have no idea how you feel. Feel free to talk with any of your coaches about how we can give you the best possible workout given your current limitations (form, flexibility/mobility, etc). If you complain anonymously here, we can’t do much to rectify the situation.

          Finally, not every day at CrossFit is supposed to be a beat down. Sometimes it’s perfecting a skill or doing something at a lower intensity so you don’t get burned out or injured. Constantly varied! Even the Competition Team WODs vary in intensity and volume.

          -Coach Avery

          • Mr. Mysterious

            Can we get more refrigerators to work out in front of?

          • Obviously

            Thank you for this. I dont mean to be critical of the programming. Verry happy at the Black Box.

        • http://rockawayist.com/ rockawayist

          “I couldnt do much weight and therefore didnt really get a good workout in today”
          Sounds like you are confusing quantity with quality. Some days in the CF programming cycle are easier than others, and you really should take the long view.
          If you are looking to work up a sweat, you can always throw in 50 burpees at the end.

  • Adam Hill

    If this has been or is being discussed somewhere else on the board sorry for reposting. But for anyone unaware read here:


    There is a fund raising page for his medical costs here (uninsured):


    However, I also read on another message board that Barbells for Boobs will be setting up a page that doesn’t take a cut of the proceeds like fundly does

    • ToddMorris

      It’s amazing that in a day and a half the CF community has raised over $100,000 for Kevin.

    • ben

      What’s important now is for people to have sympathy for another human being who was badly injured. I was looking for more info online about what happened and was disheartened to find message-boards filled with people bashing Crossfit etc. For some perspective on the nature of freak accidents this article came up about a man in China who suffered a terrible spine injury playing a boxing video game a couple months ago. Obviously the risk in lifting weights vs. playing video games is greater, but accidents happen


      • AndyK

        Yeah, sounds like a horrible accident, but there also seems to be a lack of facts out there at this point. Hopefully, if there was anything that could have been done to prevent this (event programming, set-up of platforms, etc) it will be taken into account at future CF events.

        I actually think it could become a big issue, given how many “affiliate competitions” there are that are not directly tied to CrossFit Corporate.

        • ben

          that’s a good point

          • AndyK

            I think that CF Corporate should have some standards that must be maintained for competitions, but it may be logistically impossible.

            I have only been to two competitions in the NYC area, but at both of them I saw a several dangerous conditions / accidents. Often it was a result of not enough space when people are going for a 1-rep max on a complex, or when weight collars flew off and dumped half of the weights causing the bar to whip out of competitors hands. I saw that multiple times, and a lot of it seems preventable.

  • ToddMorris

    OHS – 105, 115, 135, 145 (x3), 145

    OHS is feeling better. last 3rp was 145, so it’s getting better. Until today I would place my hands out as far as possible. I told myself I needed to do that because I have disproportionately long arms (which is true.) As the weights get heavier, this quickly becomes a very uncomfortable position. After I hit 145 I took the weight down and worked on having roughly 3-4″ between the end of my hand and the bar. This was a better position and the lockout felt much stronger.

  • M_Cohen

    Today is my (much needed) rest day, so no OHS for me. My form is pretty bad on these from a lack of hip and shoulder flexibility. When I OHS I can’t seem to get low/back in the squat – I lean forward too much. Any recommendations for daily stretching/mobility exercises I can do at home to help with this? And on a related note, has anyone been doing the Mobility WOD videos consistently? Are they a helpful progression?

    • AndyK

      Check out MobilityWod (Sully has been posting some on Activore). I try to spend 10-20 minutes each night mobilizing my tight areas before I head to bed. Ankles are a big limiting factor for many people, as are hips. A lacrosse ball to the calves and achillies goes a long way over time, for hips – couch stretch and holding a squat (I hold the door frame so I can get deeper), shoulders – bands and lax balls. There is a lot of mobility info out there, google search will yield a lot of results.

      • M_Cohen

        Thanks Andy! Yeah, I have been checking google for advice, but everyone seems to have different ideas. At this point I think the key for me, like you said, is to just make time every day for mobility.
        I haven’t signed up for Activore yet. Thanks for the reminder. Going to go do that right now…

  • Nicki Osborn

    OHS: 32-37-42-47-52-57(4)
    Last two sets were PRs!