Monday 140113

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
5 rounds: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off: row, kb swings 32/24, knees to elbow, burpee, box jump, double under

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. AMRAP 7 minutes: burpees to an overhead target.
Part B. Back Squat 5×3 reps

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto) on the CrossFit phenomenon (with quotes from Coach Peter!)
We’re either dieting less or lying about our diets more
Ice delays recovery from injuries
Planet Fitness is not a gym
Beast of the Boroughs, Feb. 9th

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
Competition Prep
A. Overhead squat 3-3-2-2-1-1-1
B. 3-5 rounds each, alternating with a partner: 250 meter row, 25 push ups

Competition Team WOD:
MetCon Intervals 40 minutes (30 on/30 off)


  • reisbaron

    348 reps
    28kg bell (Russian swings) – singles divided by 3 – step ups rds 3-5 – knees to parallel hold

    I get that we should always work towards double unders, but in WODs like this I feel like it’s more about doing work than practicing a movement. So after a frustrating round of DU attempts I switched to singles, and in turn will work on DUs more at home.

    • Andrew

      Agreed on the DUs. Once they fall apart in a WOD like this I just switch to singles so I can keep things moving.

  • reisbaron

    Shocked to see Fox & Friends of all sources give Chris Kresser his TV debut, plus an assessment of Paleo and his book that’s (wait for it)…fair AND balanced.

  • Alytadros

    Does the UWS location have locker rooms w/ showers & blow dryers? Very important questions, I know.

    • Stacey Pearson

      Very important question! But, no, the UWS does not have showers yet.

  • Mike

    Kinda surprised to see this WOD come around again so soon since we did this same thing less than 10 days ago. Any particular reason for that?

  • Steven

    People of crossfit nyc, sorry to harass you again but we are in the last round of voting for the mayhem in the meadowland best name contest. Our team, “We Only Jerk to One Direction” needs your help to beat “Tres Steamigos.” Biggest box in the country, no reason we can’t win! Thanks for the love.

  • Shannon

    speaking of showers, can we do something about the women’s locker room water situation at 28th street? For the last week, the hot water is out by 7:15, even if only 2-3 people have showered. Frigid showers are not fun. Never was a problem before, so I’m not sure what happened…

    • Matt Chin

      Yes, same issue in the men’s locker room as well.

    • reisbaron

      You may consider embracing the issue. Lots of benefits to cold showers:

    • We’re aware of the problem, and are working on getting an improved heater / hot water storage system installed, stat.