Friday 140110

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. overhead squat 3-3-3
B. 12-9-6 overhead squat @75-85% of A, toes to bar

Competition Team WOD:
(Teams of two) 5 rounds for time: 40 wall balls (25/16), 30 box jumps (24/20), 20 TTB

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
21 minute AMRAP, alternating rounds with a partner: 7 hang power clean 135/95, 7 burpee

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. In 12 minutes: Work up to heavy snatch push press + overhead squat
Part B. For time: 1000 m row, 50 overhead squats (95/65#), 30 chest to bar pull ups
Part C. 8 minute EMOM: 1 muscle up+3 ring dips+30 double unders


  • ToddMorris

    Great video on how to kip your T2B (and K2E.) It’s the same kip.

  • AndyK

    A: 135, 145, 155
    B: 2:42 at 115 unbroken on all squats and T2B – could have maybe bumped up to 125 and still gone unbroken, 135 would have probably required a break somewhere in the squats. All in all OHS felt pretty good today.

    • reisbaron

      I think the only WOD I’ll ever do in 2:42 is a set of 10 back squats. Nice time!

      • AndyK

        Haha, thanks. Like I said, probably could have bumped up the weight a bit, and probably will next time.

  • Brad Hoover

    A: 3 at 65-85-95-105. Got the first 2 at 115, but I was unable to keep pushing up on the bar at the bottom of the third rep. Arms bent and I lost it forward. I got it next time though for sure. I love the challenge of OHS.
    B: 4:21 at 75#. OHS were 12, 6-3, 6. I struggle to keep my T2B kip after I get fatigued. I was only able to kip the first round.

  • vikkikatz

    I’ve been out of town for 3 weeks so I may have missed an update–when will the UWS location be reopened? If memory serves, it was supposed to be 12/17? Thanks!

    • reisbaron

      It’s open…check the schedule. And welcome back!

      • vikkikatz

        Thanks Reis! 🙂 And am I being unusually thick? I don’t see it on the schedule…?

        • reisbaron

          Oops I misread. Elements only until 1/13. If classes aren’t up after that date maybe Hari/Josh can weigh in…

          • AndyK

            There are also Saturday only WODs there this weekend

          • The WODs are up, running six days a week (no Sunday yet) starting tomorrow.

            The UWS location WODs have (67th St) following the class name, and list 157 Columbus Avenue, Lower Level as the location.

            We’re starting with 6am, 7am, 8am, 10am, 12pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8p, but will be adding more times as quickly as we can.

          • vikkikatz

            Thanks so much, Josh!

  • reisbaron

    A: 135 – 155 – 175
    B: 4:36 w/ hanging knee raises with 2-sec hold, 135# (OHS unbroken)

    The shoulder injury is officially in my past. Next time I go for PRs. Kept it safe today and I’m better off for it. I fucking love this lift.

    • BenS

      Sounds like the Reis’ Pieces WOD is due back in the rotation

      • reisbaron

    • AndyK

      Shoulder problems are the worst! Mine is finally back to normal, after about 3 months of laying-off and rehab. Definitely focusing a lot more on prehab and prevention going forward. Glad to hear you are back at it.

    • Matt Chin


    • Robert Gillespie

      When I started CF I couldn’t do an OHS with an empty bar. I now have a PR of 150. My most tangible improvement in CF. This was one of my least favorite exercises when I started and now it’s one of my favorites.

  • BenS

    A: 95-105-115
    B: 3:49 at 85#. OHS unbroken; oddly did the first and last sets of T2B unbroken. Don’t think I’ve done 12 in a row before.

  • ToddMorris

    A. 135, 145, 155 (2 reps)
    Those are some PR number for the OHS. I find that I really need to stretch and mobilize on OHS days. Any down second I try to sit in the squat with a pvc pipe overhead or practice staying upright by squatting while closely facing a wall or column.

    B. 4:30 @ 115 and 95
    115 was too heavy for the MetCon. Halfway through the set of 9 I was losing overhead stability and for safety I pulled off the 10s. Solid unbroken kipping T2B though.

  • Alex P

    Here is a great breakdown of how to do muscle ups:

    • Jason K

      Great video – I have a lot of work to do…

  • Craig Bagno

    jeez. what gives with the sunday signups? brutally full for the second week in a row. even the wait lists. is this a new year thing?

    • reisbaron

      January is the worst for regulars of any gym.

      • Craig Bagno

        true. related: i’m a swimmer in my other life. worst day of every four years? the day after michael phelps wins his first gold medal of the olympics. awful. 🙂

  • Steven

    Crossfit Friends, we need your assistance again team “We Only Jerk to One Direction” has made it to the second round of the Mayhem in the Meadowlands best name contest. If you like the name go (or don’t but wanna support the box) we’d really appreciate your vote!!! Thanks for the love!

  • Nicki Osborn

    A. 42-47-52(PR)
    B. 3:46 @ 37# (unbroken OHS, couldn’t get the kip going on my T2B today)

  • AllisonNYC

    123-128-133 Slow & Controled with a solid 3 seconds at in the bottom.
    6:36 @ 113lbs T2B were slow and painful because of my sissy hands.

    • reisbaron

      Great job! #heavy