Thursday 140109

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
Competition Prep
For time: 1000 meter row, 100 double unders, 75 lunges, 50 pull ups, 25 box jumps 30/24

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. 18 minute EMOM: 3 TNG Power Snatches (odd) + HSPU (even)
Rest 10 minutes.
Part B. 10 minute EMOM: 5 TNG Squat Clean Thrusters
Part C. 5×3 Good Mornings

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. overhead squat 3-3-3
B. 12-9-6 overhead squat @75-85% of A, toes to bar

Competition Team WOD:
(Teams of two) 5 rounds for time: 40 wall balls (25/16), 30 box jumps (24/20), 20 TTB


  • reisbaron

    22:00 – black & blue banded chest-to-bar, 24″

    Will there be an athlete category in the competition along the lines of “intermediate lifter with novice chipper ability”?

  • Brad Hoover

    Yesterday CFHQ released a 5 part behind the scenes at last year’s CF Games. I’ve watched the first two parts so far and it’s super entertaining. I thought to post the link here because if yesterday taught me anything it’s that 1) there are way more people reading our blog’s comments than I thought there were and 2) there is clearly a lot of passion for CF and our box and this behind the scenes will get you psyched to not only be part of this awesome community, but also for the fast approaching Open no matter what your CF level is.

    • Nicki Osborn

      I fell into the hole of these videos last night too, and got through three of the five. Love how fun, entertaining and random they are…and holy smokes the effort that goes into the Games by HQ and athletes is absolutely incredible! Looking forward to attempting the Open for the first time this year.

  • Talia

    Did I see this right? On zen planner there are classes on Saturday at 67th location.

    • Michael J. Bultman


      • Talia

        Do you know who staff staff coaching will be at 10 and 11?

        • Hari Singh

          This Saturday will be Peter.

  • michael saterman

    #RoadtoRecovery – Day 4:
    13:57. 300 singles, green band.

  • Laura G.

    today should have been a rest day. body felt in shambles. 16:47 for WOD, used blue/green bands after a feeble attempt at 10 non-banded pullups.

  • ToddMorris

    15:03 Rx (single-double for 100 DU)
    Goal was sub 15 – Fail

    • Robert Gillespie

      Not to be negative, but it really wasn’t Rx if you didn’t do the 100 double unders.

      • ToddMorris

        You are absolutely right < 100 DUs is not Rx.

        I am not consistent at stringing DUs together and find that I waste more time stopping and starting. I can do a single-double combo for days. So i did SU-DU-SU-DU-SU-DU…100 times. So it was actually 100SUs and 100DUs = Rx

        Thanks for looking out though – it was a good reminder that my shorthand might not make sense to people that are not in my head.

        • Robert Gillespie

          Got it. Thanks for posting. I go at night and love reading your guys’ thoughts on the day’s class.

        • The SU/DU/SU/DU is an ugly habit – one I fell into myself – and tough to get out of in the context of the WOD.

          If you want to fix that, for the next two weeks, every time you come into the gym, do 10 sets of just two DU’s in a row (i.e., DU/DU). Just the two and then stop jumping; no stringing together beyond that.

          Then, for a week or two after that, do 10 sets of three DUs (DU/DU/DU). Similarly, three and stop, no stringing.

          And that’s it.

          At that point, you should be good to string them together indefinitely, constrained only by your endurance. Basically, you just need to learn to keep up the rope speed, which you’ll never, ever get to by just continuing to alternate in the WODs.

          Given that alternating is waaaaaay slower, seems like a reasonable way to spend a minute or two before you next month of WODs.

          • ToddMorris

            Thanks Josh. I agree it’s the 2nd and 3rd DU after the first one. Once I get past that I am good for 20+. It’s just that I get caught up a lot and having to restart every 2-3 DU can be very frustrating when you are trying to get 100 in a WOD. I’ll be sure to give your suggesting a try. Thanks again.

  • Albert Insogna

    “Diane” yesterday: 9+ minutes with 135# deadlifts.

    OHS tomorrow!

  • Davidslifer

    Off topic…..Free shoe shine, haircut and/or shave outside of the Time Building until 6pm

  • AndyK

    14:52 – was not really pushing for overall time today, instead broke the work down into more of a training mentality – something I am going to start focusing more on. Here is how I approached the WOD
    – 1000 meter row (finished 3:26), goal was to push for 20 strokes off the start then settle into a smooth 1:45 pace with low stroke rate (24-25)
    – Double Unders – hit 100 straight yesterday in Endurance WOD, today broke into 2×50
    – Lunge – just keep moving
    – Pullups – went strict the whole way, started with 10s, but had to drop to 5s and 3s. Am going to keep away from kipping/butterfly until the open gets closer. Focus on strength and shoulder stability.
    – Box Jumps – just keep moving – no bounding for me, not worth any potential Achilles injuries

    • ToddMorris

      Ha- I love seeing you beat my time and then say that you were not pushing for time. Going strict pull-ups for the Open is a good idea. if you are focusing on strength, are you also going to work on more weighted pull-ups, when possible?

      • AndyK

        Haha, made up that time in the doubleunders! The best way to get doubles is to keep trying to do Flight Simulator (5, 10, 15…50…15, 10, 5).

        Definitely want to do more weighted pullups. The biggest issue I have, is there is not always a belt hanging around. A few saturdays ago I did 5x90lbs with the belt. I can’t get my size 13 through a kettlebell loop, so I need the belt/chain.

        • ToddMorris

          Good Call on the Flight Simulator. I’ll give that a try.

          I feel like I have seen ppl using bands around their waist with kettlebells hanging in between their legs. Thinking it through now I am not exactly sure how they were doing it, but the coaches might know.

          • AndyK

            Yeah, I have tried that too. It works ok – loop it through the KB (like when putting it around a bar), then it just hangs from the waist

          • Jason Lapadula

            Do 3 weighted + 5 strict + 7 kipping without coming off the bar for 3-5 sets. Weighted can be done with DB between the legs or KB on your foot at 25, 35, or 45 lbs. Transfers pretty well to pull-up strength endurance and grip endurance.

          • ToddMorris

            That’s a great complex. Definitely going to work it into some pre-class work – Thanks Jason.

  • Jim S

    18:53 Rx 30″ box jumps are a different thing entirely. Oh, and I did 30 box jumps. Oops. RTFM

  • Albert Insogna

    15:28 on the “experimental” wod:

    200 DU
    50 pullups
    100 lunges
    50 no-pushup burpee w/ hop to 45# plate

    I forgot my rope and had to use a gym-supplied one. Felt like I was swinging a wet towel around.