Consider your Saturday BOOKED!

We know you’re busy getting your costume ready for Saturday night’s Halloween party (9pm at 28th St), but do yourself a favor, and take an hour out for your fitness. Coach Kasey will be teaching a ‘How to Row’ seminar this Saturday from 12-1pm on the 3rd floor of 26th st. Coach Kasey was a collegiate rowing coach, so you don’t want to miss this intensive rowing class.

From Kasey: “At the ‘How To Row’ seminar we will be reviewing the basics of the stroke and how to be more efficient on the rowing machine. Strategy, breathing, rate, ratio and much more will be covered!”

The class will be followed directly by live streaming of the CrossFit Invitational. Click the link to see what the CrossFit Invitational is, if you aren’t familiar.

Then end your Saturday at 28th St, in costume, with an adult beverage in hand. New members, this party is for YOU too!! Don’t be intimidated, you’re free to bring a guest to the party. Youur Saturday is booked! See you there.


  • Craig Bagno

    sorry to miss it kasey. i’m in dubai. i’d rather be rowing! 😉

  • Jim S

    Really wish I was going to be in town for this!

  • Eric

    Ah I really want to go but I have a race in the morning 🙁