Wednesday 131023

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Thruster 3-3-3
B. “Jackie”
1000 meter row
Thruster 45/33 lbs (50 reps)
Pull-ups (30 reps)
For time

NOTE: Because CFE classes @ 26th St. will need all the rowers, “Jackie” will be done at 26th St. with a 1000m run (twice around the block) instead of a row. Thank you for your understanding.

Competition Team WOD:

30 min time cap
In teams of 3 complete as many meters as possible on the rowing machine.
Each person will row 500m at a time and continuously switch until the 30
minutes is up.

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

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Rest Day prep
CFNYC’s first ever Central Park Tri, Nov. 9 / CFNYC Halloween party this Saturday!

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Squat Clean 2-2-2-2-2
B. Perform 75 toes to bar, every time you come off the bar do 20 walking lunges.

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Clean and Jerk 10×1, every 90 seconds, add per set
Part B. Deadlift TNG 4×7, every 90 seconds, add per set
Part C. For time: 75 toes to bar. Every time you come off the bar perform 30 unbroken double unders.


  • Brad Hoover

    10:04 Rx compared to 10:22 on June 21 and 11:15 on May 13. Fairly certain I rowed too fast today (3:39 vs 3:50 on June 21) because it felt like it took me forever to get through the thrusters. That 11 second faster row was not worth it, and likely caused me to go 30 seconds slower the rest of the way. (Full disclosure: that “math” I just did was pulled completely out of my *ss, but it felt nice to justify my performance that way.)

    • Eric

      I felt the same way – went too fast in my row. Gameplans!

      • Brad Hoover

        This is pretty much how it went down this morning:
        During my 3×3 thrusters: Brad, you should row 1:53 splits today
        250m: Ok off to a strong start, maybe slow it down a little Brad
        500m: Ok Brad you pulled a 1:47 you should back off some
        900m: Only 100m left, nobody is off their rower yet, let’s pull hard and get off this thing!
        1000m: I’m totally awesome look at me (big smile)
        After 8 thrusters: I’m so screwed…dummy (unhappy face)

        • AndyK

          I have found that a good way to approach the row is think of what you can go for a 2k pace. Make your first 10 strokes hard, then settle into the nice 2k+ pace, take 5-10 hard strokes at 500, then pace the remainder and do not push the last 100.
          Added about 10 seconds to my 10k row from last time, but thrusters felt significantly better because of it.

          • Brad Hoover

            Great advice. I recall reading about that 2k strategy: 5-10 hard strokes in the beginning, 500m, 1000m, 1500m

          • Jim S

            My 2k pace is about 1:51 to 1:53 but I did the 1k today holding a 1:55-1:57 pace. I think that was the right call. I needed that energy for the thrusters. They start off feeling easy but get hard fast.

  • Matt T

    6:58 Rx…need to work on my row 1000m in 4:05

  • AndyK

    6:46 Rx (51 second drop from 7:37 on June 21). Row was around 3:30 (backed off from the 3:22 on 6/21), fairly certain this helped later on. Took two quick breaks with the bar on my back during thrusters, and broke pull-ups 10/5/5/5/5. Goal is to eventually go completely unbroken and get under 6.

    • Brad Hoover

      That’s awesome. And fyi at this year’s regionals they did Jackie. Sub 6 would have put you in the mix.

  • BenS

    8:40 rx’d. 21 second improvement from June.

  • Eric

    Had fun competing at 7am – finished 7:37 RX

  • Jim S

    A: 105,115,125
    Still easing back into overhead work. Shoulder is much better but still not 100%
    B: 9:54
    Row was 3:53 That’s slower than my 2k pace but I wanted to leave plenty for the thrusters. Good thing I did. My arms felt like lead after 25 of them. Didn’t finish the thrusters until 8:14. Pull ups were relatively quick in comparison.

  • Albert Insogna

    A- 95,115,135
    B- 9:25, I hate Jackie.