Rudy Sablo Memorial Weightlifting Competition 2013

by Coach Avery

brian OH photo by Matt Billian

Congratulations to all the members and coaches of CrossFit NYC who competed this past Sunday (9/22) at the Rudy Sablo Memorial Weightlifting Competition! Members from the Competition class, coaches, and members with previous competitive lifting experience traveled out to Garden City to compete in this annual competition. The majority of lifters only train the Olympic lifts in a CrossFit class setting – and this meet was a perfect opportunity to “check in” and see what they need to improve with their technique under the scrutiny of judges and a lot of spectators. Not an easy task for someone who is not training to be “an Olympic weightlifter” focusing on just the lifts 5 or 6 days a week!

On the women’s side, the women’s session was unusually full and featured a number of experienced competitors who were attempting to qualify for national meets. It was ranked by the Sinclair ratio rather than formal weight classes, so the overall distribution of awards for women was different than the men. For most of the women on our team, it was their first time competing in an Olympic Weightlifting meet.

Kate Parker completed a 50 kg (110#) snatch and 65 kg (143#) clean & jerk (115 kg total)

Shannan Wilson placed 1st in the masters category and 6th overall with a 21 kg total improvement from last year’s results. It was also a competition PR for snatch, clean & jerk, and the total. 60 kg (132#) snatch and an 80 kg (176#) clean & jerk (140 kg total)

Coach Kasey completed a 53 kg (116.6#) snatch and 72 kg (158.4#) clean & jerk (125 kg total).

Coach Sara placed fifth for women overall with a 57 kg (125.4#) snatch and 65 kg (143#) clean & jerk at 57 kg bodyweight. Sara’s snatch was a personal best and competition PR – marking a huge accomplishment of hitting a bodyweight snatch!!

On the men’s side, there were a huge number of competitors compared to years past, so much so, that the 69, 77, and 85 kg session had to be split into an A and B session. This was a long day for many of the competitors!

Jeff Yan snatched 78 kg (171.6#) and clean & jerked 103 kg (226.6#) in the 69 kg category (181 kg total). This was a competition PR for snatch, clean & jerk, and total with an 11 kg improvement from last year’s total!

Matt Braunstein snatched 70 kg (154.3#) and clean & jerked 96 kg (211.1#) for a 166 kg total in the 69 kg category.

Jonathan Payne snatched 74 kg (162.8#) and clean & jerked 96 kg (211.1#) for a 170 kg total in the 77 kg category. This was a competition PR for snatch, clean & jerk, and total!

Mike Castaldy snatched 100 kg (220#) and clean and jerked 115 kg (253#) and missed his third attempt at 120 kg for a minor technicality. This was a total of 215 kg for 2nd place in the 94 kg category!

Coach Brian snatched 116 kg (255.2#) and clean & jerked 147 kg (323.4#) for 2nd place in the 77 kg category (263 kg total). This was a competition PR for snatch, clean & jerk, and total!

Coach Kevin snatched 101 kg (222.2#). He made a competition record of 121 kg (266.8#) clean & jerk at a body weight of 85 kg (he normally competes in the 94 kg class) and was very close with an overall personal record of 126 kg (277.2#, called only for a minor technicality). Kevin has qualified as an 85 kg lifter for the Master’s World Championships with a total of 222 kg!!

Congratulations to everyone once again! For more pics of the event please go here!

Sean Moore, Clean & Jerk #3:


  • reisbaron

    Amazing and inspiring! Way to represent…congrats to all…

  • michael saterman

    I’m in awe of the talent, skill and dedication of all the competitors…Way to go!

  • Allison Bojarski

    WOW. So proud of you all!! 🙂