Thursday 130926

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
“6:45 AM”
6 rounds:
400 m run
5 power cleans 185#/105#

Competition Team WOD:
Part A1. Front Squat 3×3
Part A2. 3×8-10 Dumbbell Rows
Part B. 5 rounds for time: 3 split jerks (155/105), 6 chest to bar pull ups, 9 push ups

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5
B. 10 minute AMRAP: 25 double unders, 10 push ups

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. 12 minutes to work up to heavy Power Snatch.
Part B. 12 minutes to work up to heavy Power Clean.
Part C. “Nancy” 5 rounds for time: 400 meter run, 15 overhead squats (95/65#)

Tempo run
5x 2 min hard run, 1 min recovery jog


  • Peter Frelik

    Dear Clumpsy Crossfitter who took my blazer from 26th st this morning. I have all my shit in there, keys, ambitions, and life. If you are at work you must get off your kiester and come make the trade. I’m wearing yours. It’s nice. But I’ve got shoulders so these shoulder pads are useless.

    • Patrick

      Pete, I’m the clumsy crossfitter who took your blazer and left mine. Chasing Ben, Ron and the rest of the 6:45 animals left me clearly disoriented (and humbled). Your keys are in here but the rest of the pockets are empty :). Let me know when you want to make the trade.

  • reisbaron

    26:20 – about right for a WOD with 6 runs in it. 155# – still finding my way back to the bar. #humbling

    Thanks for the memories Kyle…as my train gets in at 6:30 I’ll once again be finding my way to another class. Thanks, as always, to everyone in the class for getting me through the sloppiest set of 5 power cleans…basically ever.

    • Brad Hoover

      Awesome effort this morning Reis. Watching and cheering you on during your last set of 5 was memorable. You’ll be missed. Let me know what class you find yourself going to. I’ll drop in.

    • michael saterman

      7:00am and 7:20am will certainly benefit from your enthusiasm!

      • reisbaron

        I’ll definitely be around now that the buckle is off the shoulder…

    • BenS

      How about 730am at 26th st on Fridays?

      • reisbaron

        Need to be in the village by 8:30ish…deadlift singles I call in late though. Crossfit Total I call in sick…

  • Brad Hoover

    16:42 with 115# power cleans. Fun. Big ups to Ron, Ben and Patrick who Rx’d it. Patrick’s last set of 5 was an awesome combo of intensity and pure guts.

  • BenS

    21:58 rx’d. really fun workout. thanks to kyle and all of the 645am crew for an awesome summer.

  • stevenrerickson

    Humbled this morning in the last two cleans, wrecked my low back. Was doing great up to that point working at 115 but had made a Pr of 135 in warm ups, something I’ve been working toward. I had the idea I would go to work after the injury but it took me about 10 minutes to walk to the 1 train. At home doing better, thankfully, lots of pain but a good reminder to me how fragile my back is and that form is everything.

    • Anthony

      Feel better my man……Looks like a fun Workout……

      • stevenrerickson

        I was just emailing you! LOL

  • iRon Bucks

    19:something Rx’d… energy in the room gave a huge boost today… damn, patrick stole peter’s life and ambition… that’s cold!

  • michael saterman

    19:06 with 135# power cleans.

  • Stacey Pearson

    Fun workout today with Coach Chris. However, after making fun of my outfit, Coach Sara caught sight of the load I was cleaning and yelled at me. I came back from my 4th 400m run to find additional weight on my bar…I may have to start hitting Sara’s class after that stunt. #meanisthenewlove #ijusthashtaggedontheblog

    • Brad Hoover

      Hashtags eh Stacey. Have you not seen the JT and Jimmy Fallon hashtag video that’s been going around the last couple days?

      • Stacey Pearson

        I am a renegade, Mr. Hoover.

  • Christine

    My muscles hate me right now.