CFNYC Beats the Streets!!

CFNYC will be hosting and participating in various fundraising events throughout the year. The most common way we participate, is by programming the fundraiser WODs into our schedule, and then posting how you can donate/participate.

Our next fundraiser is called “Beat the Streets” and is organized by Steve’s Club National Program. Steve’s Club is CrossFit for at risk youth. How cool is that?!? We will be doing “Beat the Streets” all day on Saturday Sept 28th and our goal is to raise $500.00. With close to 2,000 members, that shouldn’t be too hard to surpass! CrossFit is here for you, help make it accessible to kids who can really use a positive influence and outlet. You can donate at the Box or click here to donate online.



  • Tia Wright

    Do you have to be a CFNYC member to donate and partcipate in the WOD?