Zen Planner Update

We have several times as many members and classes as even most of the largest other CrossFit gyms. As a result, our membership software, Zen Planner, has occasionally had trouble keeping up.

We met with their team out at the CrossFit Games in July, and they’ve been extremely responsive, working hard since then to make the platform work better for all of us.

There’s now a new version of Zen Planner embedded into our site – you can reach it from the Log In and Sign Up for Classes links in the ride sidebar. It should be faster than the prior version already, and will continue to improve quickly, as it gets special love beyond their regular development process. If you have a bookmark to the ‘old’ Zen Planner, update accordingly.

Additionally, there’s a new mobile-friendly version of the site at crossfitnyc.zenplanner.com, which is worth bookmarking from your phone. Most notably, you can now sign in to classes directly from your phone, without having to line up for the kiosks at the front desk when you arrive.

The Zen team has been very open to our feedback – today, for example, they’re adding ‘x slots remaining’ counts back to classes on the schedule on our request – so ideas for tweaks are definitely welcome.


  • dex

    Like the new crossfit zenplanner site. faster , much more functional (can actually see number of open spots at a glance)

  • jrosen

    It’s really not faster. It just loads part of the page but the schedule still takes 35-40 seconds to load (measured various times using chrome dev tools). They put lipstick on a pig. It’s completely unusable.

    • Yup. Slow and the schedule regularly fails to load. I never had issues with the old Zenplanner site. The new one is much much worse.

      Curiously, the embedded site and the mobile site work just fine. But, it’s terrible when you go to the actual Zenplanner page through a desktop browser. The browser used doesn’t seem to matter at all.

      • E Colt

        That’s because when you look at the schedule view, it always loads all classes for the entire upcoming month. But then it only displays a very small portion of those (typically, just the current day you are looking at). Presumably, at most gyms that use Zenplanner, this delay is not noticed because the number of classes (in a month) is much smaller.

        • That sounds like a mistake on their part then. Why load the whole month when I am only looking at a single day or week? It loads the week view for me by default, and it still takes forever. Most infuriating is that when I go to sign up for a class, the site reloads the whole schedule before I can sign up for a second. Signing up for a few classes at once used to take less than a minute, but now takes many minutes as I wait for the schedule to load.

          I wish it were faster. All I want to do is sign up for classes.

      • Just to clarify, the CFNYC-only speed improvements currently apply to just the mobile and embedded versions; you should, indeed, be able to do everything from either of those, without going to the desktop browser version of ZP’s site.