Schedule Changes, Effective Monday, September 30

Weekday Mornings (Kyle, Third Floor, 26th Street)

  • The 5:45 AM WOD will be eliminated.
  • The 6:45 AM WOD will move to 6:30 AM
  • A new 7:30 AM will be added

Reason: With the creation of the 5:20 AM WOD in early September, total demand for the 5:40 AM and the 5:45 AM classes can now be met with a single WOD at 5:40 AM (at 28 Street). Eliminating the 5:45 AM WOD allows us to move the 6:45 AM WOD 15 minutes earlier, when demand is at a peak, and it leaves us time to create a 7:30 AM WOD, a time when demand is still high. (7:45 AM is too late for most people.)

We realize that this change will be most difficult for the 6:45 AM regulars. However, the 6:20 AM, 6:40 AM, 7:20 AM, and 7:40 AM WOD’s are the four busiest AM WOD’s. Putting WOD’s at 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM maximizes the choice of the greatest number of our members

Weekday Evenings (Brian –> Sean, 28th Street)

  • Sean will take over Brian’s Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday WOD’s (5:20 PM, 6:20 PM, 7:20 PM, and 8:20 PM)
  • Brian will continue to run his 5:20 PM, 6:20 PM, 7:20 PM, and 8:20 PM WOD’s at 28 Street on Wednesday’s
  • Brian’s current Friday WOD’s at 28 Street will be eliminated (4:20 PM, 5:20 PM, 6:20 PM, and 7:20 PM), replaced by HR:30 WOD’s on the Fourth Floor at 26 Street. (See below)

Reason: We will be adding 16 new WOD’s with Brian during peak evening hours, see below.

Weekday Evenings (Brian, Now at 26th Street, Fourth Floor)

  • Brian will start 16 new All Levels WOD’s on the Fourth Floor at 28 Street on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. These will run exactly 10 minutes later than his current HR:20 WOD’s at 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, and 8:30 PM (Friday at 4:30 PM)

Reason: We are moving the evening Competitions WOD’s to 67 Street, allowing us to increase from 4 WOD’s per hour to 5 WOD’s per hour all weekday evenings.
(CFE WOD’s will continue to run Wednesday Evenings on the Fourth Floor)

Weekday Evenings (Avery, Fourth Floor, 26th Street)

  • Avery’s All Levels WOD’s at 6:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will be eliminated.

Reason: Brian will be teaching four new WOD’s these evening plus Friday, on the Fourth Floor. Avery will be moving the evening Competition WOD’s to 67th Street.

Weekday Evenings (Sully, Third Floor, 26th Street)

  • Sully’s WOD’s will move 15 minutes later to 5:45 PM, 6:45 PM, and 7:45 PM

Reason: Brian will be teaching on the half hour from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. We wanted to give people the possibility of following their current instructors without having to shift their schedules significantly. Having Brian teach at HR:30, makes it fairly easy for his current HR:20 people to follow him (and leaves them the option of staying put with Sean). Those who want to stay with Sully will have the option of either shifting 15 minutes later or keeping their current schedule and moving upstairs to Brian’s classes.

Weeknight Evenings (Kevin, 28th Street)

  • All of Kevin’s WOD’s will shift from All Levels to Beginner

Reason: We will have two evening All Levels WOD’s per hour (at 26th Street, with Brian and Sully). This will allow us to concentrate Beginner WOD’s at 28 Street. There is absolutely no reason for experienced people who want to stay with Kevin not to do so. In fact, if you have been with us 6 months or longer, you should be taking advantage of your right to pre register for your WOD’s , to insure that you get exactly the classes and instructors you prefer.

Saturday Afternoon (Joe, 28th Street)

  • Joe’s 2:30 PM WOD will be eliminated
  • Joe’s 3:30 PM WOD will move to 4:00 PM

Reason: There appears little demand for mid afternoon WOD’s on Saturday, but significant demand for a later WOD. The 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM (which will remain) WOD’s are sparsely attended, but the 3:30 PM is typically packed. Thus the final three WOD’s on Saturday will be at 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM, and 4:00 PM.


  • dee

    any chance of open gym at UWS location?

    • Hari Singh

      As soon as we can, the next step will be WOD classes on the UWS, not Open Gym.

  • Doug S.

    So now we lose Avery as a coach all together? That sucks

    • Hari Singh

      Because she needs to be on the UWS for Competition WOD’s at 7:00 PM, Avery could not continue teaching at 6:00 PM downtown. In addition, Avery’s school schedule this semester made her unavailable for two of her six hours downtown.

      As the UWS becomes operational, Avery will be teaching additional WOD’s at 67th Street.

      (But yes, I agree. It is a loss having Avery reduce her teaching hours.)

  • Jenny

    As much as I hate the change to the 5:30 PM class, it’s nice to have the reasons laid out like this. Thanks!

  • Vince

    Hi all – I wanted to add a thought about the schedule changes. A lot of people are unhappy with the disruption to their routines. Having a coach and other athletes that know your strengths and weaknesses – there is a benefit to that.

    However there is also a benefit to changing up your routine. We have coaches that have very varied backgrounds — Olympic lifting (Kevin P), snowboarding (Sully), boxing (Sarah) — just to name a few. And they all bring different perspectives to warm ups, mobility, and the WODs.

    And you may also find other athletes that challenge you in different ways. And that is why whenever I travel, I look forward to a WOD at a (new) local box.

    CrossFit is known as a varied sport. Variety is a good thing, routine/predictability — not so much, IMHO. I just want to encourage everyone to add some variety to when you WOD — you just might see some benefits.

  • Davidslifer

    Will the UWS location have working showers when the comp team moves up there?

    • Hari Singh

      Not initially. That is why we’re only moving the evening classes at this point.

  • Kate

    Wait, I’m confused- is 67th st only now a competition-only location or is that class move more related to Avery than to something like All Competition Wods At 67th Street ? Can 67th street be for Average, Small People too ?

    • Phoenix

      Agreed. I was really hoping the UWS location would be open by now as my schedule of work and school (both uptown) make it very difficult to get downtown. In fact, part of the reason I kept my membership was because the location was slated to open uptown.
      Now I see it is open for only the Competition WODS which I cannot attend. I am now faced with a difficult decision of continuing to wait (and pay) for the UWS to open for average people, or cancelling and attempting to find another gym as awesome as Crossfit NYC that I can actually go to.

    • Hari Singh

      67th Street is under construction. We don’t have locker rooms there yet. We are moving 6 of the 19 weekly Competition WOD’s to 67th Street at this time, so that we can clear out the Fourth Floor for additional evening WOD’s.

      The AM Competition WOD’s are still at 26 Street; the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon Competition WOD’s are at 28 Street.

      The intent is to steadily increase the number of WOD’s offered at 67 Street, but for October, it will be just six Competition WOD’s on Mon, Tues, and Thurs evenings.

      • Phoenix

        Is there an estimated time for when the UWS will open for All Level WODs?

        • Hari Singh

          We expect to be running a limited number of All Levels WOD’s starting the first week of November. Details will be announced in the next week or so.