Wednesday 130911

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
For time
50 Pull-ups
400 meter run
21 Thruster 95/65
800 meter run
21 Thruster 95/65
400 meter run
50 Pull-ups

Competition Team WOD:

400 m run
30 box jumps (24″/20″)
30 wall balls (20#/14#)

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
B. The Fit Minute
10 rounds where one round is 20 seconds of each movement:
Air Squat
Push Up
Kettlebell Swing 24/16

Competition Team WOD:
Part A1. Front Squat 3×3
Part A2. Weighted Strict Pull ups 3×8
Part B. 10 RM Clean
Part C. 3×21 unbroken kettlebell swings, rest 60 seconds


  • michael saterman

    21 mins 50 secs | Not Rx’d
    25 Pull-ups /Thrusters, 85 lbs / 25 Pull-ups
    On every post, I should note “weak shoulders” – taking a few days off

  • Crawford Roark

    I think this conversation needs to be started because I know a number of us who are regulars at 26th street are pretty upset about the proposed changes to the morning schedule.

    Speaking for myself, it is already quite a commitment making it to the gym at 6:45 coming from Brooklyn, but I do it anyways because we have an amazing group in which we all have become good friends and push each other beyond our limitations.

    It’s becoming harder and harder to get a spot in morning classes that are already beyond capacity and that 15 minute change really does impact a number of us quite a lot.

    We always talk about how much community matters but I feel that we’re getting the short end of the stick. I know this is a numbers game with our ever expanding community, but I think we’re losing focus on what really matters.

    Don’t mess with something that is already so good.

    • Justin Katz

      I totally agree with this

    • Anthony

      What are the proposed schedule changes?

    • BenS

      I agree, and judging from conversations after today’s 645am class at 26th street, I think folks would be fine with either keeping 645 or switching to 7, but bumping up to 630 or bumping back to 730 is not going to be easy for most folks.

      Many of us started way back in the 7am with Will and Sara. Then it got too crowded and was split into the 645 with Will (and then Kyle) and the 7am with Sara. Then the competition team got the 7am with Sara, so some of the 7am folks stuck with that and other migrated to the 645 with Kyle.

      If we assume that 7am is the preferred time (not necessarily true for everyone of course), then 630 or 730 is a pretty big jump from that preferred time.

      I understand that the 545am at 26th street is rarely near capacity. But perhaps morning classes at 26th street at 6am and 7am or even 615 and 715 would be preferable to 630 and 730.

      • Anthony

        can someone tell me what the proposed change is? the 5:45 and 6:45 moving to 6:00 and 7:00 or to 5:30 and 6:30??

        • BenS

          From what I understand, the 545 and 645 are becoming 630 and 730.

          • AndyK

            That is what I heard too. That is a big shift in timing for the 5:45 crew, the reason I get up that early is not because I like to, but because its my only option with work. 6:30 does not work.

          • Anthony

            That would be an absolute killer for me. I take a 4:06 am train to just barely make it in time for the 5:45–but, it’s worth it—I am a huuge fan of Kyle and his class. I am just one voice and I understand the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few—but, I beg of you guys not to make this change.

    • AndyK

      Totally agree. Have been in the 5:20am and 5:40am classes over at 28th, and they are just way too crowded. Kyle’s 5:45am has been a great change. Not having that class, or even as Ben suggests a 6:00am at 26th, the 5:40 over at 28th is going to be even harder to get into and back to the class that is difficult to logistically manage in the given space.

      Especially difficult to hear this news after re-upping for another 6-month membership.

      • NickA

        5:45am has been my class for the last 6 months. I have never tried the 5:20am, 5:40am, or 6:00am. If you are telling me these 3 are already crowded, then it’s going to be a tough change. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like at the 6:20, 6:40, 7:00.
        I will say though, these changes do have a way of working out. I’ve probably changed my regular class about 7 times in 2 years. It’s annoying, but change is part of growth.
        I would like to hear from management about the proposed changes…

    • Hari Singh

      A response will follow on a separate comment.

  • stevenrerickson

    Good 9/11 workout.
    29:06 85lbs thrusters.
    Never forget.

  • Justin Katz

    Been a awhile since I posted.
    32:27 RX’D

  • Anthony

    32:16 rx–Kelly—-Happy birthday Kelly…..That was as tough as I expected it to be…..was shooting for sub 30—next time…..

  • BenS

    Daniel: 29:48 rx’d. Patrick and Ron crushed this.

  • John E

    30:30 Rx

  • Hari Singh

    Here is the portion of the September 30 Schedule change relevant to the comments so far:

    Weekday Mornings (Kyle, Third Floor, 26th Street)
    The 5:45 AM WOD will be eliminated. ·
    The 6:45 AM WOD will move to 6:30 AM
    A new 7:30 AM will be added

    Reason: With the creation of the 5:20 AM WOD in early September, total demand for the 5:40 AM and the 5:45 AM classes can now be met with a single WOD at 5:40 AM (at 28 Street).

    Eliminating the 5:45 AM WOD allows us to move the 6:45 AM WOD 15 minutes earlier, when demand is at a peak, and it leaves us time to create a 7:30 AM WOD, a time when demand is still high. (7:45 AM is too late for most people.)

    We realize that this change will be most difficult for the 6:45 AM regulars. However, the 6:20 AM, 6:40 AM, 7:20 AM, and 7:40 AM WOD’s are the four busiest AM WOD’s. Putting WOD’s at 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM maximizes the choice of the greatest number of our members

    In response to the comments so far:

    The members of the 6:45 AM group who are adversely affected can go on automatic registration for the 6:40 AM WOD. Every single one of you can stay together.

    The newer members will then be the ones who need to shift to the 6:30 AM WOD. It is true that this may mean getting a different instructor, but that is the full extent of the problem for anyone who has been around at least six months.

    • AndyK

      I agree with most of the above; however, not with regards to the 5:45am class. The 5:20am class, while typically not full, is significantly earlier than 5:45am, especially that early in the morning. The 5:40am at 28th, is typically always full, and at times has been difficult to manage given space and equipment restraints. I think if you polled that class, and even the coaches, they would tend to agree. There have been times in that class, I have actually felt unsafe.

      • Hari Singh

        We have substantially increased the size of the HR:40 WOD area at 28 Street by moving out Elements. We have not had a total of 20 people in both the 5:40 AM and the 5:45 AM combined for some time now.

        What is more critical is that this move allows us to keep the 6:40 AM and 7:40 AM classes at a manageable size. We are also striving towards moving the AM Competition WOD’s to 67 Street before the end of the year, so that we can add additional WOD’s on the Fourth Floor (probably at 5:50 AM and 6:50 AM).

        Now that we have a 5:20 AM WOD, we can more easily limit the size of the 5:40 WOD, allowing those with over six months seniority to guarantee themselves a spot, and putting the burden on newer members to shift to the 5:20 AM.

        • Anthony

          a 5:50 am at 26th would be incredibly ideal….For me atleast. I get to Penn st at 5:35-ish–so, with the new proposed schedule I would either be a couple of mins late for 5:40 or 15-20 mins early for 6am…

          • AndyK

            Totally agree with you Tony, as would anyone else in the 26th street morning classes. Unfortunately, based on the past time changes that have resulted in similar postings, I think that even if the majority of these classes speak up, it ends up in the same place.

        • iRon Bucks

          Daniel – 25:something Rx’ed – as I have come to learn of late, chasing Patrick is humbling and motivating at the same damn time…

          Would love a 6:50a at 26th… 645a to 715a classes most conveniently thread the needle between a painful morning commute from Brooklyn (especially in the winter) and getting to work for morning meetings without losing a proper warm up/cool down for us older folks… As is, I guess I’ll suck it up and make the 6:30a… hoping the 6:45a fam with Kyle doesn’t get torn apart… understand change is sometimes necessary for the greater good but echo the sentiments of the 5:45a/6:45a folks…

          • AndrewR

            Is the 5:40 class going to be All Levels now? Not sure this matters much but I like working out with the 5:45 and 6:45 regulars and appreciate the number of good athletes in those groups.

          • Patrick

            The feeling is mutual Ron. The intensity of the entire 6:45am crew is both humbling and motivating. That being said, I’m going to stick around for the 6:30am as well. Hope the same energy and intensity continues when all is said and done.

    • BenS

      I don’t underestimate the scheduling challenge and certainly appreciate the thoughtful response. I think what the 26th street AM crew is upset about is that we will have to change time, location, and instructor. For various reasons, many of are not only wedded to our time and instructor but also have a preference for 26th street over 28th street. If 545/645 and 6/7 don’t work, would 615/715 still be in the sweet spot? I would think that would be less disruptive than 630/730.

      • Crawford Roark

        I completely agree with you. I’m really bummed that my class will be going in different directions and that I’ll be losing Kyle as a coach, and most of all 26th street.

        • Brad Hoover


          • Anthony

            Well put—that’s about all there is to say…..Damn…..

      • Hari Singh

        I think 6:15 AM and 7:15 AM is less than optimal (optimal being used here to denote the collective gain minus the collective loss for the following reasons: (1) It is a 30 minute rather than a 15 minute shift for the 26th Street crowd. (2) While it means only a 5 minute shift for those who cannot get into the 6:20 AM or 7:20 AM, it means a 25 minute shift for those who cannot get into the 6:40 AM or the 7:40 AM.

        • BenS

          I hear you…I guess I am thinking of 630 as a 30 minute shift from the old 7am…not sure if other 645 folks are looking at it that way too, but I think that 630 is too early for the current group and 730 is too late for the current group.

    • Patrick

      My understanding is that Kyle will still be teaching the 6:30, 7:30 and 8:40am classes. Is that not the case?

      • Hari Singh

        Your understanding is correct.

        • Peter Frelik

          I strongly back Crawford, Ron, Patrick, Ben and everyone at the AM class. When I first joined the Black Box I had no delusions that this was a beginners gym. What with the amount of people and focus on 28th street. However, I also believe in pride of product, and a lot of the great communities I have found myself a part of (Team Dangerous, Shirt Club, Activore) stemmed from like-minded beginners evolving into the classes and people they felt most comfortable with. And 26th St has been the main central hub of that. (We also love Bobby a great coach himself and his elements programs here as well, that’s not an issue.) But moving a very STRONG group of guys and girls (a class that appeared on the Games website representing your/our box) is one thing, taking away our instructor without a proper shadow for a couple of weeks is another. I strongly suggest we keep Black Box’s increasing community momentum going by considering the AM class not moving or developing a transitional period with Kyle and the incoming instructor to solidify the continued experience.

          • Hari Singh

            You feel the Black Box community will lose momentum if we move the 6:45 AM class 15 minutes earlier?

          • Albert Insogna

            Wait… is Shirt Club still alive???

  • James K

    This is frustrating.

    • ST

      Am I the only one thinking I need to start going to the 6:45 AM classes (at least, while they last)? It sounds like there might be a “30 for 30” feature on this class in a few years. Sully’s 7:30 pm class just doesn’t seem as epic.

      • Brad Hoover

        You made me laugh out loud so I thought I’d comment. There are no words to explain our 6:45am crew. You’ll just have to drop by one morning (but not Thurs as it’s a rest day for most of us) to find out.

        • ST

          I’m considering it. I appreciate the heads up on the rest day.

  • Jim S

    19:09 but only used 65lbs for thruster. On the bright side, those are the first thrusters I’ve done in eight months. I’m icing my shoulder but after 8 months of not going overhead and two months of PT I finally feel like I’m getting there. Save those shoulders people!

    • reisbaron


  • Matt Tworecke

    19:55 RX with 20lb weight vest

  • Nicki Osborn

    30 min time cap in Brian’s class, DNF but no qualms about that as no more bands for me, kipping FTW!! Got through 25 of the final 50 pull ups. Running in 93 degrees plus humidity was as bad as expected. 43# thrusters were the easiest part of this. Thank you Amber for taping my hands!

    Great Hero WOD for 9/11.

  • Albert Insogna