CFNYC on the podium at LIC Fall Brawl!

The first ever LIC Fall Brawl has come and gone, and it was definitely one for the books! We had Cleo, Coach Bobby, Jaclyn, Zack, Kieth, Mary, David, Dan, and our very own font desk staff, Amber rocking this TWO DAY competition. Everyone fought their heart out, cheered their heart out, and then ultimately ate their heart out. It was an all around magical CrossFit weekend. This is what Jaclyn, who took FIRST place in the scaled division, had to say “If you could finish a WOD on the energy of the crowd alone, I would have gotten 100 pullups today. Giant thank you goes out to everyone who made all the rips, bruises and muscle cramps worth it this weekend. Fellow competitors, judges, spectators, teammates, coaches and one very special physical therapist- you are all awesomely bad ass and make me proud to be a crossfitter.” David Slifer also took FIRST in scaled, and Coach Bobby JUST missed the final five Workout in the RX Division. We’re so proud of all the athletes that competed this weekend, they definitely gave it their all!! For more pics go here
CFNYC on the LIC Fall Brawl podium


  • reisbaron

    That is damn fantastic! Great job everyone…

  • ST

    Great work to all the competitors.