Time to play DIRTY!!

This is a call to action, CFNYC!!

The Civilian Military Combine is right around the corner, and we have gotten the 25% discount extended until Sept 7th! If you have done a CMC before, you know it is an amazing day of fitness, community, and inspiration. If you haven’t done a CMC before, talk to Coach Sully, he’ll fill you in on all the glorious details.

Speaking of Sully, he’ll be there!! Sully will be there to support you, coach you, and bring all of his Sully awesome-ness to the day. We have a spanking new CFNYC event tent on its way, so that you will have a home base for the day, as well as brand new CFNYC shirts en route for you to rock!! There will be CrossFit, there will be adventure race, there will be a SICK vendor village, and there will be an after party! This is not a day to miss!

Go here to register, and get ready for the best CF, race, shopping, party event of your life!! Don’t forget to use BLACKBOX25 for your discount, join team BLACKBOX, and rock your CFNYC shirt so you know who’s on your team!!

Let’s play dirty!!


  • KyleF

    Is there a plan to take CFNYCers to (and maybe from) the event? Looks like there is a large group going. Thanks

    • Stacey Pearson

      Great question. Typically what has happened in the past, is small groups have gotten together and taken public transportation (which I did by myself last year, and it wasn’t bad), or people got together to rent a car/car service. I’ll make a post on Activore to facilitate the travel planning.

  • Anthony

    Just signed up….looking forward to this….