We’re on Activore, are you?!

Alright Black Box, many of you have already heard…but for those of you that haven’t, we have rolled out our brand spanking new social media platform, Activore. This was developed by athletes for athletes and is a perk of your membership at The Black Box.

This is the perfect place for you to share paleo recipes, celebrate PRs, discuss when it’s appropriate to begin kipping your pull-ups, etc, without annoying your ‘normal’ friends and family. Additionally, this is where we will be posting upcoming events, competitions, happy hours, pictures, basically everything you need to know, to be in the know.

We want to encourage you to utilize this site to tell your community when you are competing, or where your grabbing drinks after the WOD, so we can join you. The Black Box is your community to enjoy, so dive in and make it something you love!!