Friday 130823

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups (14 C2B pull ups, 14 push ups)
135/95# Hang power cleans, 10 reps

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Deadlift 2 RM in 15 minutes
Part B. “Diane” 21-15-9 reps of: Deadlifts (225/155#), HSPU

4x600m run
Full recovery in between

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

Schedule changes, effective Tuesday, September 3rd
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We’re on Activore…are you? / Double-Unders Seminar & Park WOD tomorrow!

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes, all at our 28th St. location ONLY:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:

A. Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

B. 3 rounds: Run 400 meters, Max Effort HSPU (handstand hold), Max Effort T2B (No time score, track total reps HSPU & T2B)


Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Work up to heavy Snatch in 15 minutes
Part B. 5×1 reps of 85% max snatch
Part C. Front Squat 3 RM in 15 minutes
Part D. 7 rounds for time of: 10 wall balls (25#/16#), 10 pull ups


  • Confused

    I am confused…. aren’t classes busy enough? Aren’t there already too many Elements classes (at least until locations are expanded)? Simply cannot believe that CFNYC would offer discounts on Elements???
    From Twitter:
    CFNYC: The Black Box (@CrossFitNYC)8/23/13, 10:13 AM
    Been meaning to join? All Elements on-ramp series starting next week are $75 off; email to reserve a slot!

    • AndyK

      Not so sure you can really blame a business for looking to bring in new clients…

    • Hari Singh
      • Chris

        you clearly lost touch with reality

        • Hari Singh

          That argument cuts both ways. From a strictly profit-maximizing perspective, the response to increased demand is to raise prices. To the extent that we have avoided this strategy, some argue that we are economically irrational.

          Similarly the response to decreased demand (e.g., for Elements Classes during the final two weeks of August) is to decrease prices.

          The NIMBY analogy is tended to point out that some of those who are already members and enjoy the benefits of the lowest month membership in the City frequently argue that now that they have completed Elements, it is time to cut back on new members.

          There are other routes we could go. We could borrow from investors, allowing us to expand much more rapidly. We have avoided that strategy, because we know that investors will demand profits at a level that will force us to abandon our core strategy, which is to focus exclusively on CrossFit training.

          We recognize that some people would like us to shift our strategy (e.g., raise prices, expand more rapidly, reduce class sizes, add a pro shop, yoga, etc.) We try to strike a balance that we are comfortable with (adding a second instructor in classes over 18, etc.).

          My response to the suggestion that I have lost touch with reality, is to respectfully suggest that you check out the reality of CrossFit elsewhere in Manhattan. Look at pricing, contract obligations, class sizes (up to 50 people), and the number of Groupon, Gilt, etc., giveaways. Then tell me that $75 off on Elements during the last two weeks in August is a terrible business strategy.

          • Chris

            none of your answers and suggestions to ppl like Confused (who probably could phrase their concerns differently and more elaborated, but cant or just dont) are respectfully. That is unprofessional as an owner, but then again, you are unprofessional in the first place because as you say you dont maximize your profit (which with an EBIT of approx. 1.5 million last year it is also not really necessary i guess).

            No one wants yoga. And no one wants class sizes of more than 15 ppl. And most other good crossfit gyms have more than one instructors per class as a standard.

            Looking at attendance last week, apparently there is a decrease in membership. That most likely has to do with the Brick opening. That is a good thing if that means less ppl at CFNYC.

            Many ppl i talked to left. The reason I have not left yet is that other CF places in NYC are the same difference. Too many ppl, too expensive, too commercialized. But that seems to be the course of Crossfit in general. No complain here, as it is understood that this is what happens to every commercially successful idea.

            I can manage with the things as they are, what i have issues with is to deal with your annoying answers to frustrated members i guess. Im sure i am not the only one.

          • Hari Singh

            If you are looking for passive responses to passive-aggressive comments, I’m not your guy.

          • Chris

            i dont think you are anyone’s guy. opinions exchanged, topic closed.

  • Charlotte Goins

    Travel WoD 3: 20 min AMRAP
    5 push ups, 10 sit ups, 15 dead lifts w/ 20 # bocce ball set, 20 rkb swings w/ bocce ball set. Made 12 rounds exactly.

    • AndyK

      Impressive use of the bocce!

  • Amber Rodriguez

    A: Flight Simulator: Got to 21 double-unders, a consecutive-PR by 6.

    B: NASTY GIRLS – 15:16

    (83#; subbed 14 c2b green+blue-banded pull-ups & 14 HR push-ups for those muscle-ups… One day… One day…)

    First-ever bout with Nasty Girls, and a close call on meeting Pukie today. Can’t wait to see what my scales (or lack thereof? hopefully?) will be next time I have a go at this. 🙂

  • Kristin

    Coach Kyle 26th street AM results

  • Jim S

    I wanted to do Nasty Girls, I really did. But my hands are still really torn up from Eva, my shoulder is sore still, and I’m just generally dinged up so I did the CFE wod instead. 600mx4 2:12, 2:12, 2:11, 2:11

  • stevenrerickson

    Nasty Girls: LOVED this work out, could not RX it, so I did the 15 chest to bar pullups and 15 pushups, hang power at 95, 12:10. This is exactly the kind of WOD i love to do, cuz I gots some fat to burn! lol.