WOD where it all began!!

Waaaay back in the old days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, there were a small handful of fitness nuts trying out this CrossFit thing. There was no Box in NYC, it was just a few people doing CrossFit in the park, and looking crazy.
We think it’s time to bring it back to our roots. No pun intended.

Hope you don’t mind, we took the liberty of planning your next Saturday for you.

Here is the scoop: Saturday, August 24th at noon we will be hosting the How To CrossFit:Doubleunders edition with Coach Joe, at the Upper West Side location, 157 Columbus Avenue (betweent 67th and 68th). When that is over, we’ll head over to the Ross Pinetum area of Central Park (the birthplace of CFNYC) for a kick butt outdoor WOD (starting at 2:00pm) with Coach Chris and Coach Peter. Lastly, we’ll go for some much deserved drinks at a near by watering hole.
WOD and watering hole TBA.

It’s going to be an amazing day, join us for some or all of it.  See you there!!


  • Mark

    any idea what the WOD will be?