Tuesday 130820

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
CrossFit Total: 1 RM squat, 1RM press, 1RM Deadlift

Competition Team WOD:
A. Front Squat 5×2 (70% Max from 8/12)
B. 20 minute EMOM: 5-7 chest to bar pull ups (odd minutes), 5-7 push presses (155/105#, even minutes, *must be push presses)

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

Schedule changes, effective Tuesday, September 3rd
Advice on approaching the CrossFit Total (which is also today’s WOD)
Oldest man in the world lives to 123 on diet of lizards & skunk meat
Ice-bath update
How breathing works (video)

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Overhead Squat 3-3-3 from the floor
95# OHS

Competition Team WOD:

5 rounds
800 m run
30 2pood kettle bell swings (American)
30 pullups


  • stevenrerickson

    Fun morning with cross fit total. I did this one time before, my score was 645.
    Today, 685. 265 back squat, (20lb pr), 115 strict press, 305 dead lift (20lb pr).
    It also marked a personal crossfit goal of over 300lb dead lift. Time for a new goal.

    • Brad Hoover

      Welcome to the 300 club. Peter and I joined this morning, too. Next goal: 400? Ya, 400.

      • stevenrerickson

        Next goal is 300 lbs back squat and 125 press. Seriously have to work on my overhead!

        • Brad Hoover

          Ya my lower body seems stronger than my upper body. My goals for the total are a 2x body weight back squat, a body weight press and a 2.5x body weight deadlift. Looks like I’ll achieve deadlift first and press…who knows when ha

    • AndyK


  • John E

    Sore from Sunday, but gave it my best shot today.
    CFT: 825
    Squat: 315 (spent too long warming up)
    Strict press: 175
    Dead lift: 335

    Left a few lbs on the table but really happy with my effort today

    • stevenrerickson

      Wow! Nice well rounded score!

      • John E

        Thanks Steven. Need to work on DL way more. I feel like they always come up on my rest days. I’ll take it though considering that 4-5 months ago, I was doing 155-185#

        • AndyK


  • michael saterman

    New PR on Back Squat and Deadlift…strict press was crappy
    1 Back Squat | 285 lbs (+30!)
    1 Shoulder Press | 120 lbs
    1 Deadlift | 335 lbs (+50!)

    • BenS


      • michael saterman


        I thought of you yelling in my ear during that last deadlift…

    • reisbaron

      Absolutely awesome job Michael!

      • michael saterman

        Thanks Reis.

        You were missed… (tear).

    • Jana B.

      Holy cow! Serious Prs!!

  • Brad Hoover

    Total: 645
    Squat: 235 (20# PR)
    Press: 100 (5# PR)
    Deadlift: 310 (35# PR)

    Compared with Aug 19, 2012 of 485 (165, 85, 235)

    Peter, Sam and Crawford – awesome effort and intensity this morning.

  • BenS

    Total: 900#
    Back squat: 335 (20# PR)
    Press: 140#
    Deadlift: 425# (20# PR)

    • John E

      Huge number man. Great job!

    • michael saterman

      (my jaw hangs open in amazement)

  • Erik D

    Awesome day for me:

    CFT: 700
    Back Squat: 215 (30# PR)
    Strict Press: 120 (35# PR)
    Dead lifts: 365 (never did single rep before, but it’s 50# above my 3 rep max)

    My goal for back squats was 200, so I’m glad to crush that!

    My spotter gave me some great advice on the strict press when I failed my second attempt: if you find yourself stuck halfway, take 3-4 quick breaths. that little extra fresh shot of oxygen helped put me over the top on my 3rd try.

    I never understood how my dead lift scores are disproportionately high when my other scores tend to be on the low-to-average side.

  • JP

    CFT: 620
    Squat: 225 (20# PR)
    Press: 120
    Dead lift: 275 (70# PR…)
    Based on the large deadlift jump I’m glad we did this as it will now establish a much more relevant baseline!

  • Kristin

    Coach Kyle’s AM results

  • Jim S

    No Total for me today. Stupid shoulder. I know Reis is feeling me. I’m going to take out my irritation on Eva instead. The next time I post I’ll probably be expressing regret at a hasty decision made in anger. 😉

    • reisbaron

      It’s OK…I’m fine. Days like this aren’t hard for me at all….(turns away)

      • Jim S

        Still disappointed I couldn’t do the total today. But Eva brutalized me so it’s all good. Last round was horrible, but completed this 8 minutes faster than in November and with more weight.
        Eva, 1.5 pood. 49:39

  • AndyK

    Bummed I am out of town for work this week and missed this. Going to try and drop into a local affiliate out here tomorrow if work schedule permits.

  • Kristin

    Coach Kyle’s midday results

  • Kyle J Smith

    A ton of huge PRs today, and a lot of fun- congrats to all the athletes!

  • Amber Rodriguez

    First day back from Maine. Post-vacation CrossFit Total was a good idea. 😀

    Back squat: 173 (13lb PR)
    Press: 83 (15lb PR)
    Deadlift: 213 (10lb PR)

  • Davidslifer

    Total 855

    BS – 315
    SP – 155
    DL – 385

  • Nicki Osborn

    First CrossFit Total: 311.5#

    Back Squat: 113# (matched a PR from months ago…this wasn’t in the cards for today)
    Press: 55.5# (PR, had no idea about this and aimed for 53#!)
    Deadlift: 143# (PR by 15#!)

    Things I learned: To take SMALL jumps in weight for everything. That deadlifts move V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y at heavy weight. That I do better at multiple reps than singles for whatever reason.

    Coming back after a week of recovery/rest due to hurting my shoulder and realizing how truly mental multiple 1RM lifts are for me, this was a really awesome day! Plus watching/hearing so many people PR is pretty cool, too.

  • JonnyHK

    So was preparing since Sunday for this. Last year I put up a Total of 765 with PR son Back Squat and Deadlift – 275/155/335. Today after reading the blog and crunching the numbers I worked up to some nice PRs .
    My new Crossfit Total is 820.
    Back Squat – 305 – PR
    Press – 145
    Deadlift – 370

    Many thanks to Sully who has coached me over the last year plus. It has been quite some time but it seems like I am breaking through another Crossfit wall.

  • M_Cohen

    was hoping to break 650, so very happy with the result
    Back squat – 235 (PR by 30)
    Press – 130 (PR by 5)
    Deadlift – 305 (ties a previous PR, but my form is wayyyy better this time around. haven’t tried mix grip yet, but think i need to start trying it)

  • Jaclyn Henry

    First time doing CF Total (way more tiring than I thought it would be):
    Backsquat: 203, Press: 83, Deadlift: 263 = 549.
    PR’d across the board! Much thanks to Whit, Nicki & Coach Avery!!