Automatic Class Registration Based on Membership Seniority

UPDATE as of August, 2013: For all CFNYCers who have 9 or more consecutive months as members, you’re eligible for automatic class registration. Please read below and contact Kristina AT crossfitnyc DOT com to get enrolled!

Original post from June 12, 2013:
We have been experimenting with allowing long-standing members to automatically register for up to four classes per week. We initially opened this program to about 10% of our members who have been with us for over two years. We are now offering this option to everyone who has maintained a continuous membership for 18 months or longer.

If you have maintained a continuous membership with CrossFit NYC since on or before December 31, 2011, you can be automatically enrolled in up to four classes per week. For example, if the Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri 7:00 AM are your regular preferred classes, we will permanently reserve a space for you in those classes. Thereafter, you will not need to register for these classes. You will, however, absolutely need to cancel, if you cannot make one of your classes.

If you take advantage of this option, once you are given a reserved spot in a class, you will be responsible to cancel each and every time you do not attend. If you fail to cancel, you will be removed from future classes. You should choose this option only if you have a fairly stable schedule.

Our goal is to make it easier for our long-time members to maintain their routine. However, we cannot fill up classes with people who do not show and then fail to cancel in a timely fashion. If you need to cancel, you should do so as far in advance as possible. For early AM classes, that should typically be the night before. (So far, those participating have been among the best at canceling in advance.)

(Please note that we expect no more than 25% of our class spots to be reserved by people using this program. To date, the program accounts for less than 1% of our class spots.)

PLEASE NOTE: If this option applies to you, you must email Kristina (kristina AT crossfitnyc DOT com) to be given this option in Zen Planner. Thanks.


  • Ali

    Thanks for this! To go with this option, should we email Kristina, or will the option appear in Zen Planner? Thanks!

    • Hari Singh

      Email Kristina. (Allison, please add this to the end of the post.)

  • Jana B.

    If we need to cancel can we do that in the zen planner?

    • Hari Singh


  • Jared_h

    Will this option be rolling? As in, once we reach our 18 month mark, we’ll be eligible?

    • Hari Singh

      That is the plan, once we see how it goes. So far, so good.

  • Mike

    If possible, would recommend following for which classes this becomes the most popular – i.e. overall, 25% of class spaces will be reserved by people using this option but it could be that certain classes are >50% full due to this and others are closer to 0%.

    If you’re able to track that and that begins to happen, will you cap the # of spaces per class that can be filled this way?

    • Hari Singh

      Not necessarily. If it works out, for example, that the 7:00 AM All Levels class becomes popular with our most senior members, there doesn’t seem to be a compelling reason to limit them, especially since it will only leave more spots available in the Beginner classes.

  • Jen Kim

    I am not one to usually complain as I find myself to be a pretty flexible and low maintenance person. However, since all these schedule and waitlist changes, I find myself extremely discouraged in coming to the box. My attendance has been dismal at best the past few weeks because I can’t get into any of the classes I typically take. I am a 7AM-er but 6:40 is too early and 7:20 is too late. These classes fill up as soon as they are open for registration. With the shorter wait list, the wait list fills up as well. So now this means, I need to check back daily or multiple times a day to see if I can even get on the waitlist?? It is very inconvenient and time consuming. Unfortunately I don’t have that much free time during the day to be checking and refreshing Zen Planner to see if a WAITLIST spot has opened. 7AM is probably the most popular time as most people need to be in their office by 9AM. Is it possible to take into consideration the volume of people who are looking for that specific hour and possibly adding additional classes? As others have mentioned, in the AM, 20 mins earlier or later make a HUGE difference between commuting, showering and getting to work.
    Appreciate your efforts in advance for trying to appease everyone.

    • Hari Singh

      We have added a second instructor and increased the size of the 6:40 AM class. In the past week, virtually no one got shut out of the 6:40 AM WOD. Starting in July, the HR:20 and the HR:40 WOD’s will be Beginner WOD’s, so this is where we are going to need capacity. The HR:00 WOD’s will be All Levels.

      It is not really practical to have two WOD’s at 7:00 AM, because that means we would also need to make two WOD’s at 6:00 and two WOD’s at 8:00 AM, in order to schedule the coaches. (Someone can’t, for example, teach at 7:00 AM and also at 7:40 AM.)

      With the new registration system, you will be able to automatically enroll in the 7:00 AM (or any other class) once you have been with us 18 months (or perhaps even as little as 12 months). Until then, I am afraid your best option will either be going through the current process to get a 7:00 AM slot, or taking a 6:40 AM class.