Wednesday 130807

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
3 rounds: 2 minute AMRAP each: Power snatch 135/75, box jump 24/20, hand release push up, reverse overhead lunge 45/25; rest 2 minutes between rounds

Competition Team WOD:

200 m run
50 lunges
50 situps
25 pushups
25 kb swings
10 burpees

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

You can’t teach speed?
Imaginary exercise
How to quit almost anything
Always the student
Moar protein??

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. AMRAP body weight back squat
B. AMRAP body weight deadlift 

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Bench Press 1 RM.
Part B. 10 rounds for time of: 3 front squats (185/135#), 3 burpees, 3 chest to bar pull ups


  • michael saterman

    Still hurting from my date with Scott’s Mom…I subbed pull ups for snatches
    334 reps | 128, 108, and 98 reps | Not Rx’d

  • Brad Hoover

    278 (88, 92, 98). Power snatches 75#. Very sweaty.

  • reisbaron

    “Just Happy to Be Here” week continues…

    sub jumping squats for snatches
    sub situps for pushups
    20″ box – unweighted reverse lunges

    402 reps

    • michael saterman

      Me too! let’s here it for subbing.

  • stevenrerickson

    Killer cfe today, it occurs to me I have no idea what my time was! Lol. I think it was something like 26:29? But I could easily be off by a minute or two. The warm up alone was a wod. Suicide stair ladder up to the 8th down to lobby continue until you only have to go up to the 4th. Diabolical. Oh also a nice case of assumptions rash from the sit ups, haven’t had that for awhile forgot how lovely it is. Once again Anthony crushed it and then found time to cheer me through the rest of the wod. Thanks T!

  • NickA

    236; power snatches @ 95
    Felt pretty sluggish today and yesterday. Hope to rebound tomorrow…

  • AndyK

    Big props to anyone that RX’d todays WOD.
    Snatches @ 105lb
    Round 1 – 115 (11, 30, 35, 39)
    Round 2 – 109 (14, 32, 33, 30)
    Round 3 – 119 (16, 32, 35, 36)

  • BenS

    289 (97, 96, 96) with snatches at 115#

  • Kevin Reyes

    To CrossfitNYC Mgmt: I use Internet Explorer (work computer) and it is nearly impossible to find the most recent daily blog post. Every day, I go to and get routed to the July 15th, 2013 blog post. Its weird! The only way to the most recent post is via URL manipulation. I’m forced to type in the ..2013/08/06/ etc etc. Is there a fix coming soon? Thanks!

    • reisbaron

      While mgmt will have more info, you can get around the problem temporarily by typing out the “www” before the domain. If you have room on your bookmark toolbar you can just make a button that has the www in the corresponding address, and clicking the button to get to the site will permanently avoid the issue.

      • Kevin Reyes

        Thanks Reis. Will do.
        FYI to mgmt, the “Home” button on Zenplanner redirects to (excluding www), which is why I’ve been running into this problem. I guess that link should be updated as well? Thanks again all around.

        • We know the problem exists, and we’ve been trying to fix it; it’s a weird artifact of our hosting company’s caching software. Hopefully resolved soon.

          • Phoenix

            Maybe change the link in line 13 on the zenplanner page:

            < img

            Direct it to, though I cant figure out why is not working and taking you to an older version of the blog. I guess that could be a quick fix for now. The other image links seem to direct there.

  • Anthony

    CFE!! Ouch…That was fantastic. Suicide stair ladder-Awesome! would like to see more of that. 24.11 RX

  • Stanislav Pertsev

    To CrossfitNYC Mgmt. When is the UWS location expected to be reopened?

    • Hari Singh

      This fall.

      • Phoenix

        Thats sad to hear. Will it be early or late fall? That location is just so wonderfully convenient to my life.

        • Hari Singh

          Probably early fall for Competition WOD’s and late fall for all other WOD’s.

          • Stanislav Pertsev

            What happened, given that it was open earlier in the summer? The location is very, very convinient

          • Phoenix

            Any chance we can throw an All Level WOD in there? I do not want to cause trouble, but the location was really convenient.

            Of course, you guys are the bosses and I will humbly wait until the other WODs can take place there.

          • Michelle

            Agreed!! All Level would be sooo aweeeesome there. Def convenient

        • Desire for all level WODs ASAP duly noted. 🙂

          • Phoenix

            Thank you! Words cannot convey how much easier that would make my life as the location is on my way home from work and school. I can just work out then go home and pass out.

  • Amber Rodriguez

    Took two days off after Scott’s Mom, on account of not being able to walk and all… Great day to come back!

    283, power snatches @ 63#
    Don’t remember the individual round totals, but I recall being excited that I managed to eke out a few more reps on round 3 than round 2. This was an incredible WOD. More, please! 😀

  • Jim S

    I did this with only 75lbs and it was still really hard.
    Only had one bar, so I killed a bit of time stripping the bar for the lunges. But I don’t think that changed my score one bit.