Thursday 130801

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Deadlift 3-3-3-3
B. 2 rounds- 1 minute AMRAP of each: Toes to bar, box jump 24/20, Reverse lunges, weighted sit up 45/25, superman

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Find Strict Press 1 RM then Strict Press 10 RM
Part B. 7:30 minute AMRAP: (155/100#) 9 deadlifts, 12 hand release push ups, 15 box jumps (24/20)

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s classes:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Overhead Squat 3-3-3
B. “Elements: Class 3” 21-15-9 wallball 20/14, burpee

Competition Team WOD:
Part A1. Muscle Snatch 3×3
Part A2. Heavy Snatch in 12 minutes.
Part B. 8 minute EMOM: Power Snatch. Every 15 seconds perform 1 snatch.

14 min AMRAP
200 m fast
400 m slow
Score is total number of 200’s


  • NickA

    A: 225-245-245-245
    B: 173? I may have miscounted though, it’s hard to keep count for that long at 5:45AM

  • Brad Hoover

    A: 225-245-265-275. So that last set of 3 is 2x my body weight. My one rep max from Feb was 265. Big morning. Wondering if I can pull 300…
    B: 265

    Oh and thank you to Sam and Crawford for the encouragement at 275. If not for them I would have probably done just one rep.

  • stevenrerickson

    Great work out, always fun to work with Tony, watching him do 355/3 was amazing, he’s an animal. If you have never had the opportunity to partner with him try to do it! As for me,
    A: 185-205-225-245
    B: 244

    • Anthony

      Thanks buddy-very kind words….It was a great workout today—you as always brought your A game. A)355 B)254 (I think)

      • AndyK

        355 – Beast!

        • Anthony

          switched to mixed grip—felt really good with it…

      • reisbaron

        Great work man…

  • BenS

    A: 275-325-345-375
    B: 245

  • reisbaron

    My dad always said “don’t get old.” I was never good enough at listening to him.

    Shoulder issue…possible impingement. Back on the Advil which I hate. Giving it a few days rest to see if I might have another running month ahead of me…that is if the knee holds out.

    Do yourself a favor. If your age begins with a 3, start Mobility WOD now, so when your age begins with a 4 you don’t have to write posts like this every other month.

    • Hari Singh

      I wish I had know this before my age started with a 5.

    • Anthony

      Reis Unfortunately I probably have the worst shoulders of all CFNYC members-so, I understand your pain. Mobility WOD is great, and should be part of your daily routine as well as heating pads. But, if you get bored with running and want to maintain shoulder strength and range of motion—look into Landmine Presses. Kyle introduced them to me and they are incredibly effective. I sub them for any kind of shoulder press now….

    • BenS

      Get better soon…

    • iRon Bucks

      This… Is… So… Real!

    • Jim S

      So true Reis. I’ve been struggling with shoulder impingement for, wait for it, 1.5 years now. It started in last year’s open and I ignored it for almost a year. I’m working working working on it and I’m at 95% but really struggling to get the biceps tendon to fully heal.

      I really believe that mobility (and in particular, emphasis on proper positioning) is a full 1/3 part of any practice (with the workouts and nutrition the other two). If you only do one it’s going to be short lived.

      Btw, in addition to PT (if you’re not seeing a PT, start, they can really help), The advil will help with this case of inflammation, but won’t prevent the next. I’m also doing a lot of that “bullet proof shoulders” set and it’s really helping.

    • Jason W

      for real. I’ve found that working on shoulder internal rotation has kept me injury free. Prior to discovering this, I worked almost exclusively on external rotation. These days, every morning I do some upper thoracic mobilizing (keg drill), then:

      this guy: (I use a rumble roller instead of a lax ball)


      and this guy:

      good luck with rehab, reis!

  • AndyK

    A: 225, 245, 275, 275 – managed 1 rep at 295. Starting to think deadlift is going to be a slow build for me. Kyle or any other coaches – any tips or accessory lifts that will help add the lbs to deadlift?
    B: 280

    • Kyle J Smith

      Accessory lifts- no advice here. Keep coming to CFNYC, like you’re doing 🙂

      Tips- eliminate variables from your deadlift. The lift seems simple- pick the bar up off the floor. Only two concrete rules- keep the bar close, keep your back straight. And since the definition is so easy, we forget to hone and perfect our technique.

      It’s deadlift day… What do you need to mobilize and prep prior to lifting? What’s the best rep scheme and weights for your warm up sets? What weight would you like to hit today? What lessons did you learn from your last deadlift session?

      Time to lift… How do you address the bar each time? What does your set up look and feel like? What body part groups demand focus during the lift? How are you breathing? What cue are you focusing on to complete the lift (knees out? straight back? lean back?) How do you set the bar back down? Which is the weak link in your chain (grip? back? legs?) How long should you rest between sets? What went wrong/right in your last set? How do you feel today?

      The bad news is… there is no one answer to all of these questions for everyone. We each gotta figure this shit out on our own. Coaches can provide a template to start with- you gotta take it from there.

      • AndyK

        Thanks for the helpful guidance!

        • reisbaron

 – Doing this mob got me from 365 to 405 in less than 2 months…not that it will for everyone, but depending on how much work you’ve done on your hips, working them into proper position does wonders for deadlifts.

    • Nick Walters

      Andy, I have coached you enough to know that most of your lifts are quad dominant because of your inability to optimally stretch your hamstrings in the lifts. This also causes your upper torso to become too pitched forward in the bottom of all your squatting variations. This is probably attributed to hours in the pool where most kicking movements don’t recruit the eccentric (stretching) movement of the hamstrings, but more of the hip capsule.
      Focus on stretching and rolling your hamstrings and calves regularly that will allow you to recruit more of your posterior muscles in these lifts. Also, focus on pushing your knees out (on all the slow and fast lifts) to further engage your hips and posterior chain.

      • AndyK

        Thanks Nick! You probably hit the nail on the head. Plagued by tight hips and hamstrings after all the years in the pool. Have been working on stretching/rolling/mobility in those areas.

  • AndyK

    Hari or one of the other owners – any chance of building in some mobility programming – even if it is on Saturdays or Sundays? I know CFNYC is space constrained for the number of people and classes, but I have seen other (smaller) boxes in NYC that still offer mobility/Olympic and other specific classes on occasion.

    • Hari Singh

      We will be starting additional “How To CrossFit” seminars on Saturdays. Details will soon follow in a separate announcement.

  • BenS

    Will D: your gloves are in my bin at 26th St.

  • Jim S

    Just had a great workout at my home away from home, CrossFit Golden Gate.
    Clean 1RM: 190 (matches pr)
    EMOM 4 min 150lbs clean and 4 min 140lbs clean
    WOD: 7 min AMRAP 95lb DL, clean pull, power clean, front squat, clean
    12 rds (was a sub for Bear complex. I can’t push overhead right now).

    Got an awesome cue for the clean from the coach there this morning. I’ve been pulling too high and riding the bar down into the squat. He held two PVC pipes and positioned them like a set of low parallel bars on either side of me before my lift – at about mid abdomen height. My job was to do a clean without hitting the bar into the PVC. Worked like magic.

    It will take a few more sessions to switch over that muscle memory, but my clean is going to go above 200 in no time now.

  • Erik D

    A: 295 – 305 – 310 – 315 (pr)
    B: 221

    When I do weighted situps, I hold the plate about an inch above my chest. When I sit up, I jerk the plate a little and ride the momentum up. Is this cheating? It works my shoulders as much as my abs this way.

    • That’s not cheating; it’s being efficient. 😉

      As a general rule, if a movement isn’t prescribed as ‘strict’, and if you’re still hitting full range of motion, using more body parts to accomplish the movement is totally kosher.

      Think of it like a kipping weighted sirup, as the idea is the same: spreading the work over more muscles allows you to do more reps in less time, increasing your power output across the WOD, which we believe to be the main variable that drives results.

      Additionally, those full-body movements – and, in particular, those that recruit muscles in the middle of your body and then drive that force out through your arms and legs, also called a ‘core to extremity muscle recruitment pattern’ – are the most effective out in the real world. A football throw using just your arms wouldn’t get much yardage, for example; long passes instead are throws that come from your hips, core and back, then extend the power out through your arms.

  • Nicki Osborn

    A: 103-113-123-128 (PR)
    B: 174 – focused on solid reps, strict T2B – fun WOD!

  • Amber Rodriguez

    A) 173-193-183-193
    B) Those 1-minute AMRAPs flew by pretty quickly. Lacking a rep count probably saved me a big low-blow to the ego. o__O