Friday 130719

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
“CFNYC Triathlon” For time: row 1600 meters, run 1 mile, 300 double unders (600 single unders)

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Squat Clean Ladder 4-1 reps

Part B. 3 rounds:
10 OHS (155/105)
10 box jumps (30/24)

Time to see how fast you can run a mile!

(Photo credit: Alex Robleto)

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How to lift heavy singles and triples for the first time
Alternatives for back-pain relief
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Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes, all at our 28th St. location ONLY:

All-levels WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Max handstand hold + max chin up hold + max forward plank + max L-hang + max wall sit at parallel. Score is total time. (Max 3 minutes at each station. )

American Kettlebell Swing 2/1.5 pood


Competition Team WOD:
Part A. 3×2 reps Back Squat (85-90%+), rest 90 seconds between sets

Part B. 3×3 reps Snatch Pulls, heavy

Part C. ”Filthy Fifty”

For time:

50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 16 kg
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions(For this movement you will sub in a 45# good morning since we will not have enough GHDs)
50 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders


  • NickA

    The 5:45AM triathon of sweat and weird smells: 22:29ish.

    Running at 5:45am was like obstacle course of heat, nasty smelling garbage and traffic. I’ve never sweated more in my life. Loved the workout, though. Need more running WODs like this

  • michael saterman

    25:05. Not as bad as I thought 🙂
    Started out strong w/ 6:40 on the row, then the 28th street stench kicked my ass… almost as much as my crappy single unders.

    jump rope has been ordered!

  • Munsky

    25:55 w/single unders. Was really tempted to take the elevator up after the run

  • reisbaron

    34:40 w/ singles
    6:19 on the row. Much more than 6:19 on the run.
    Legs are DONE.

  • Anthony

    23:18 w/singles. I just had to replace my work shirt—a sweaty mess….Great Workout!!

  • AndyK

    22:40 Rx – run was a hot sweaty mess at 5:40am, I am glad I’m not doing a mid-day WOD. Was very happy when I hit two lights on the second half of my run and had a “forced” break.
    Save the running WODs for fall.

    • Kyle J Smith

      “…I ran for 70 mins on hills and climbing obstacles in 102 degrees with full cammies and 40 lbs of gear yesterday…” Lieutenant Jason Lapadula, United States Marine Corps.

      Change your perspective. Use every WOD as an opportunity to grow and consider how lucky we are to exercise every day in an air conditioned chapel in the heart of New York City. Be thankful and man the fuck up.

      • AndyK

        Nothing but the highest respect for Jason and all of our military personnel, have plenty of friends in the services.
        My comment was more in jest than anything else, and some self deprecating humor – having stared at a black line on the bottom of a pool for 25+years, running is one of those things like swimming that bores me – which is why I enjoy CF so much.
        I also “man the fuck up” every day I step into the gym, so no worries on that one!

      • Phoenix

        Coach Kyle,
        I respect Lieutenant Lapadula and it is awesome that he was able to run hills with 40lbs of gear in the heat, not everybody at crossfitnyc is at his level of fitness and military training.
        I have rarely posted on these boards in the myriad of kerfluffles that have popped up in the year I have been a member. I have always deferred to the coaches on programming, content that you were all more knowledgeable than I, however these past two days I feel the need to speak up.
        I am very concerned about the almost flippant attitude regarding people’s concerns about running in the heat.
        Strenuous activity in 100 degree heat can kill people. It can kill chubby, out of shape people (like myself) and it can kill elite athletes in their prime. Some people are better at thermoregulation than others, but this is not exactly under conscious control. This is not an issue of “man up”, nor people complaining about something just to complain. It is currently 101 degrees on the sixth day of a heatwave (heatwaves get more dangerous as they continue in duration), and people are concerned about running in the heat. This is very different from people whining about having to do boxjumps or whatever exercise they do not care for.
        It is my opinion that instead of telling people to “man up” or mocking them (not you but it happened in yesterday’s thread), provide an alternative that can be done indoors that is equally or more challenging (Lt. Lapadula’s suggestion was 100 burpees) and lets all get along and support each other.

        • Kyle J Smith

          Exercising in the heat is one important aspect of a functional fitness program (what good does “Fran” do if you can’t do an air squat when it’s above 85 degrees outside) and an essential part of CrossFit (i.e., the CrossFit games- bring your sunscreen if you’re going next week, because those exercisers are gonna be kicking ass in mother nature.)

          Here are some helpful tips from Greatist on exercising in the summer heat:

          Not providing an indoor alternative takes a lot of things into consideration including logistics and big picture programming. If you ever want insight into all that biz-nass take me to lunch at Chipotle and I will bore you to tears.

          to your comment— “lets all get along and support each other”- my reply to AndyK obeyed my grandpa’s rule “before you give someone a swift kick in the pants, kick yourself once or twice to make sure your aim is true.” and my grandma’s advice, “and do a lot more huggin’ than you do kickin’.” it’s good to be reminded that we are a blessed bunch of knuckleheads. apologies if my rough demeanor came off as unnecessarily rude.

          if you have more questions or concerns, please email me at kyle at crossfit nyc dot com or take me to chipotle.

          yours, kjs

          • AndyK

            I would also go ahead and say that no one knows your own body better than you. A coach is there to provide direction, training, motivation, some yelling, but if something doesn’t feel right (running in heat, lifting too much weight, scaling movements) – that is up to the athlete to communicate. Several people rowed an extra 1500-1600 this morning instead of running. In the end, go in and work hard, listen to your body, repeat.

          • Michael J. Bultman

            Good thoughts all around, guys.

          • AndyK

            That’s all you got – come on, get some people fired up over here!

          • Michael J. Bultman

            You kids have had enough fun. I’ll save my shouting for the gym floor.

          • Jim S

            I’m not at the box today so the row will be in my 110 degree garage, the run will be in the 92 degree heat outside, as will the double unders. Time to MTFU. But first I’m going to drink another quart of water. See you on the other side…

          • Jim S

            Wow. I’m gonna be spent for a bit after that. It was well over 100 in my garage where my rower lives. Happy with my time though. Had to OMTFU (O=Old)
            24:56 (6:12 row. 9:00 to run 1 1/8 mile. DU’s in sets of 25).

        • Jana B.

          I want to chime in here. If you’re concerned about running outside (or something else) no one is going to push you out the door to run or make you do anything. At a certain point, people need to listen to their own bodies. If you’re body is screaming bad idea. Stop and listen. If you determine something is a bad idea bc you’ll get hurt then alter course. If you determine it’s a bad idea bc it’s gonna be hard, then do it.

          • Phoenix

            Exactly. This is what I want.
            “Waaaa I don’t want to do pullups because they are hard and slightly uncomfortable” – This deserves a “man up”
            “I don’t feel comfortable running outside today because I tried to walk across Central Park with my speed set on ‘slow mosey’ and ended up throwing up (true story)” – Mayhaps it is not such a great idea for this person to be running outside.

        • Hari Singh

          What Jason did for work yesterday has nothing to do with this discussion. The CrossFit community has a deep respect for the military, and CrossFit NYC has an equally deep respect for Jason and others from our box who serve. But this is besides the point.

          The point that Kyle has done a poor job of making is that CrossFit frequently involves being uncomfortable. (MTFU is an incredibly poor way to convey this sentiment.) We do a great deal of subbing, and one of the main jobs of our coaches is to provide appropriate subs. But here’s the thing: The only sub for running is running slowly and/or walking.

          If you cannot walk a mile, then you should walk half a mile, or a quarter of a mile. Every single one who came in today the box today did some amount of walking outside to get here.

          None of this means that anyone needs to put themselves at risk of injury. If you can’t walk outside, then don’t. However, if you can row 1600 meters, you can probably walk a mile.

      • Erik D

        I must live in the opposite sketches. I loved running in the heat today and found the air conditioning oppressive. (AC and my sinuses do not get along at all, especially this time of year when everyone blasts it.)

  • Kristin

    Coach Kyle’s 26th Street results

    • Kyle J Smith

      Awesome job, Triathletes!

      Lots of no-shows at 645 AM. Please cancel your registration if you’re not going to be there, allowing others to take your spot. Respect the system, respect your fellow athletes, get plenty of sleep.

  • Kristin

    28th Street results (early)

  • Kristin

    28th Street results (“late”)

  • Erik D

    26:08 with single unders. Started off strong with a 5:59 row, but got held up at every traffic light during the run. The route was to 9th ave and back, so there was no alternate roads if you hit a red unlike the old 24th & 8th route. Probably added 1-2 minutes on my time, but I’ll admit, those little breaks were nice.

    • Kristin

      Agreed – I liked the direct route, but having to stop every block with no way to get around traffic lights was a bit frustrating.

    • reisbaron

      I anticipated the breaks and took the loop from 26th down 6th to 24th & back via Broadway. Exactly 800 meters so I went around twice. Much better when I don’t have to stop…any break in my tiny momentum and I’m toast.

  • Jana B.

    Cfnyc Triathlon-the biathlon version: 22:54 (subbed additional 1600m row for run) and singles.

  • Kristin

    Coach Kyle midday results

  • Ben

    anyone have good recommendations on travel wods?

  • Scott

    Can we get some of the new t-shirts over to 26th street?

    • Hari Singh

      We have made a decision to minimize the effort we put into selling shirts, because we really don’t want to be in the business of selling anything but training.

      Consistent with this decision, we are offering shirts at (our average) cost, $10. The tank tops are actually below cost.

      However, in accordance with this no frills approach, we are ordering a fixed quantity of each run and then selling them out at 28 Street. We are not going to devote resources, marketing, or storage space to inventorying shirts at multiple locations.

      This is not sarcastic. We really are putting our money where our mouth is. We don’t want to work at selling shirts, and we don’t want to make money off of our members on shirts.

  • Albert Insogna

    23:25. My legs were not cooperating with me after the row.

  • KevinBoul

    I will openly admit that I was afraid to do this WOD yesterday. I have had bad experiences with heat in the past and was deeply concerned about running outside. I spent all day trying to convince myself not to do it. After seeing so many get after this one during the day I had run out of excuses. As it turns out the run was the easiest part. 27:44 RXd. Get out of your head and get after it.