Sunday 130630

REMINDERS: This weekend (and every weekend) all classes at 28th St. location ONLY. Hope for Cures @ CFNYC on Sat., July 6th! ALSO: Games tix/automatic registration/July schedule/storage bins

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
2k row + additional work

Competition Team WOD:


Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
Work up to a heavy set of 2 squat cleans, perform 8 sets within 80% of the heavy set

Competition Team WOD:
4 rounds of 5 minute AMRAP: Chest-to-Bar “Cindy” with 10 minutes of rest in between each interval

High Intensity Intervals with a twist.
20X:15 sprints with :15 rest, however at the halfway mark, you will do as many forward lunges as you can in 2 minutes before resuming the last 10 sprints.


  • Losis2honest

    Is that a picture of the new gym? It looks like a shelter for a zombie apocalypses…. I can’t wait!!!

    • Naveen

      CrossFit NYZ