Monday 130701

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
Work up to a heavy set of 2 squat cleans, perform 8 sets within 80% of the heavy set

Competition Team WOD:
4 rounds of 5 minute AMRAP: Chest-to-Bar “Cindy” with 10 minutes of rest in between each interval

High Intensity Intervals with a twist.
20X:15 sprints with :15 rest, however at the halfway mark, you will do as many forward lunges as you can in 2 minutes before resuming the last 10 sprints.


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Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
Press 5×2
Push press 5×2
Split jerk 5×2

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Back Squat: 10×40%-10×50%-10×60%-10×70%-Max Reps at 70-75% with 20×0 tempo.
Part B. Snatch Pull+Below the Knee Hang Snatch (technique work)


  • AndyK

    6×2 worked up to 165 for last 2 rounds. We needed about 6 more minutes to get the last 2 sets in. Have really enjoyed the snatch-complex warmup on Saturday and clean-complex warmup today. Both times my body felt much more warm and ready to lift heavy than just jumping into the strength work. On pure strength days, where there is no Part B metcon, the complex warmup should stay.

  • BenS

    Worked up to 205 — 10# PR

  • jsg

    7:00am CFE – got about 48 lunges in….really fun WOD

    8:00am WOD
    Worked up to 2 @ 175, got 1@185 in about 6 attempts….then 8 sets of 2 at 155, which felt good (could have probably done 165)

    PS – I second AndyK’s comments about the snatch and clean complex warmups – they really do the trick!

  • michael saterman

    8×2 at 135#

  • reisbaron

    A: Worked up to 205
    B: 165 across

  • Kristin

    Coach Michael and Coach Kyle’s AM results

  • stevenrerickson

    This is my goat for sure. I really appreciated the warm up complex and opted to stay at a lower weight to fine tune form. The movement is so complex, for me it is more important to pattern it correctly in my body, with lots of help from coach Kasey. She’s great! Worked up to 135, but it was not pretty!

    • reisbaron

      Your mind’s definitely in the right place.

    • Anthony

      Great approach Steven—I had the same experience—-I had to go back to the basics today in order to correct my timing and felt so much better by the end….Can’t wait for all the shoulder work tomorrow!! ugh……

      • stevenrerickson

        Just keep those shoulders in their sockets Tony, I won’t be at 26th street to pop it back in for you!

  • Jana B.

    A: Worked up to 123 (133f-head totally got in the way. I shouldn’t add up the weight until I’m done)
    B: 103 across

  • Davidslifer

    A. #205
    B. #185

  • Zac Hirsch

    Can we go lighter/higher reps if we chose to for tomorrow’s WOD? I did this WOD a month or two ago and my shoulders were sore in a bad way due to 15 sets of heavy weight. I understand for the jerks a majority of the power is generated from your hips, but these movements still put stress on the shoulders.

    • Hari Singh

      Of course!

      You should choose weights that works for you. (No weights are specified.)

      If your reps look ugly and you are pressing out your push presses and jerks, you are probably going too heavy.

      If your reps look beautiful, you are no doubt using your legs and your shoulders probably will not be that sore the following days.

  • Jim S