Tuesday 130625

ANNOUNCEMENT: Because of plumbing repairs at 28th St., there will be no water in the entire building between 5:00 A.M. and 7:00 A.M. today, Tuesday, June 25th. This shut down is not related to any work on our floor and is building-wide. Showering will have to take place at 26th Street for our entire membership from 5:00 A.M. through 7:00 A.M. Thank you for your understanding!

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:

A. In 25 minutes, work up to a heavy set of 3 deadlift
B. Tabata (8 rounds each 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, rest 1 minute between movements): sit up, lateral no push up burpee, double under

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. Work up to a heavy set of 5 Deadlifts, reset each rep.
Part B. 6×3 Pause Front Squats


ANNOUNCEMENT: Games tix/automatic registration/July schedule/storage bins
Head up, eyes forward
Some tips for those who train early in the morning
How to talk differently to perform better
The sour-food trend
We’ve raised over $1,100 for Hope for Cures, won’t you join us on Sat., July 6th?

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
3 rounds- 7 mins work, 3 minutes rest: AMRAP 3 wall walks (10 yoga push ups) , 20 lunges, 10 knees to elbows

Competition Team WOD:

‘Design your own WOD day–kinda!’: Each class will draw 10 exercises out of a hat which will compose the WOD.


  • Brad Hoover

    A: Deadlift 4×3 245#. I’m relieved that weight felt very good because when the inevitable zombie attack occurs I will need the strength to lift a car (a very, very light car…) off of my friend as the zombies charge at us. Excellent point Kyle.

    B: 10, 6, 14 (subbed high jump for DUs)

  • Kristin

    26th Street AM results

  • BenS

    A: worked up to 315
    B: 10 situps, 7 lateral burpees, 6 DUs

  • Kristin


  • reisbaron

    A: 365
    B: 1, 4, 0

    Abdomen started cramping violently in round 5 of situps…hence the 1 instead of 7. No double unders, hence the zero. Solid day for scoring! Should’ve kept deadlifting…

  • AndyK

    265, we scored total reps in Mike’s 5:40am class – 309 total, full push-up over bar burpees. I think my Tabata scores were 7, 8, 15 (only round of dubs below 20)

  • jsg

    A: worked up to 3×3 @ 275#
    B: did not keep score officially – think i was around 10 SUs, 5 LBs and 3-5 DUs

  • Kristin

    Kyle’s midday results

  • Amber Rodriguez

    A: Worked my way up to a heavy set of 3 at 203#… My previous 1rm. But that was tested forever-ago.

    B: Lateral Burpees – 6 / Double Unders – 6 / Sit ups – 10

    Double unders don’t ‘click’ for me ’til after I’ve done a few of them, so my worst rounds were the first two, which is strange for tabata. I managed about 11 per round after that. But, as a wise man once told me…

  • Jana B.

    Which one it tomorrows WOD? Also, CFE?

    • Anthony

      I’m thinking the “design your own WOD” is CFE……

      • Matthew LeBaron

        That is not going to work in my favor…

  • KentMac

    295# for DL, felt good.

    7 lateral burps
    20 DU
    9 sit-up

  • Nicki Osborn

    A: 118#
    B: 7/7/35 single unders, no rest between sets

  • Annie Yearwood

    A: 193 (PR)
    B: 6, 10, 13