Updated Announcements : Games Tickets, Automatic Registration, July Schedule (including July 4, 5), Storage Bins

Games Tickets:

If you participated in the Open at CrossFit NYC, are attending the Games, and have not picked up a ticket, please do so, before they are all gone.We have a number of people who need a second ticket, so please make sure you don’t get shut out.

If you have picked up one ticket, and you need a second ticket, please see the Front Desk.

Automatic Class Registration:

Happy Anniversary!

We are expanding the program for automatic class registration to include anyone who has maintained a continuous membership for one year or longer. If you are interested, please email Kristina at CrossFitNYC dot com.

July WOD Schedule:

Relative to the original announcement, we are making two minor changes:

–Sully’s Friday 7:30 PM WOD will be canceled (attendance has averaged 3 people)

–The 12:30 PM weekday WOD’s will remain at 12:30 PM (and not move to 12:20 PM)

We still expect to be offering WOD’s at Columbus and 67 Street, from Monday through Friday at 6:10 AM, 7:10 AM, 6:10 PM, and 7:10 PM. (The space will be pretty bare bones. We may initially need to change some WOD’s on the UWS, and we will not have showers for some time. If you are looking for a finished facility, stay downtown for now. This early opening is intended as a courtesy for those members who may find that the convenience of the location trumps other considerations.)

July 4 Schedule = Sunday Schedule
July 5 Schedule = Friday Schedule (except: No 26 Street WOD’s at 5:45 AM, 6:45 AM, 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM; No CFE WOD’s).

Storage Bins

If you have maintained a continuous membership for 18 months or longer (i.e., since January 2012) and you would like your own storage bin at 26 Street, 28 Street, or 67 Street, please email Kristina at CrossFit NYC dot com