Wednesday 130612

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
25-20-15-10-5 burpee, pullup

Competition Team WOD:

CrossFit Relay
Teams of 3
1200m Relay Race (400m per person)
100 pullups
100 burpees
100 situps
100 box dips
100 wall balls
1200m Relay Race (400m per person)
*One teammate works, two teammates rest


“A good coach is that voice of reason…”
The myth of “just do it”
Australian Surfer Takes Paraplegic Mother Surfing…By Duct-Taping Her to His Back
The Onion on the science of weight loss
The awful truth about jogging

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. In 20 minutes, work up to a heavy set of 3 push press
B. For Quality: 100 (75) hollow rocks, 100 (75) superman (with one second pause), 100 (75) hip thrusts- break up reps as necessary.

Competition Team WOD:
Part A. 5×4 bench press
Part B. For time: 60 push ups, 50 box jumps (24/20), 40 push press (155/105)
Part C. Tabata double unders
Part D. 3×15 strict toes to bar


  • Brad Hoover

    10:51 Rx. One of those WODs that requires little technical thought, but does require the mental game to not rest by continuing to drop down for that next burpee or jump back up on that bar for that next set of pullups. Fun stuff. And Kyle was quite boisterous this morning if I do say so.

  • Kristin

    26th Street AM Results

  • Zephan

    11:15 Rx. That WOD was a sneaky sucker… and an even sneakier cash out to boot.

  • Jana B.

    CFE: 3 ppl team 30:15 or so. Major fun!!

  • ben

    11:38 rx. May I suggest that for WODs that incorporate burpees all chalk containers be kept on the outside of the quadrants? I feel like with so many people chalking their hands and clapping in the center of where people are doing burpees makes a chalk cloud which really makes it harder (or just maybe more painful) to pull in much needed oxygen. Just a thought.

  • Albert Insogna

    8:47. The pukie urge was strong with this one.