Sunday 130602

REMINDER: This weekend (and every weekend), all classes at 28th St. location ONLY. In addition: SCHEDULE CHANGES, effective June 3rd! / CF Games tix for CFNYC members

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Hang Squat Snatch + Squat Snatch 6×1+1
B. 6 minute time cap: 50 toes to bar (v-ups) then AMRAP double unders (score is total double unders)

Competition Team WOD:

The men of Team CFNYC representing up at NE Regionals:

Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Romanian deadlift: In 20 minutes work up to a heavy set of 3.
B. 3 rounds: 20 box jumps, 15 pull ups

Competition Team WOD:
For time: 1000 m row, 75 American kettlebell swings (24 kg/16 kg), 50 box jumps (24/20), 25 burpees, 100 double unders (16 minute time cap)
Rest 15 minutes
For time: 45 chest to bar pull ups, 45 thrusters (65/45) (4 minute time cap)

8X200m sprints
One partner sprints while the other partner does the following: plank, air squats, reverse lunges, & push-ups. Then tag your partner and switch.


  • Jana B.

    New pwr snatch PR (98#). Possibly the ugliest accidental muscle snatch of my life-so ugly that I kind of forgot to squat-but I got it from the ground to above my head so I’m counting it!

  • Jim S

    Doubled up today.
    A: Snatch hang squat /squat squat 75/85/95/100/105/115
    B: Front Squat x2 225lbs
    C: 5 min strict pull up 41
    D: 6 min 50 T2B + DU 120
    Good day. Especially happy to feel those snatch numbers starting to move up. Slowly.