Saturday 130525

REMINDER: This weekend (and every weekend) all classes at our 28th St. location ONLY. Regular schedule today and tomorrow. Monday runs on a Sunday schedule (but no Elements and no CFE)

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Front Squat: Work up to a heavy set of five in 20 minutes
B. Mile Run

Competition Team WOD:
A. 6 rounds chest to bar “Cindy”

B. Skill: Review DB Snatches. Perform 3×12 reps, unbroken as possible each side with proper mechanics.

C. Snatch Complex for warm up, then every minute on the minute for 12 minutes, 2 hang snatches starting at 60% of max, increasing weight as form and speed allows.

D. L-seat progression: 50-75 reps per leg for quality.

Sara H.’s beautiful L-sit!

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes, all at our 28th St. location ONLY:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Find max-distance broad jump (5 attempts)
B. “Grace“: 30 power clean and push jerks for time 135/95

Competition Team WOD:


  • Jana B.

    FS: 5 rm 133# (2 reps at 143 which was 1rm last time we tested it)
    2k row: 8:54
    Press 5x5x9 (53-63-73)

  • AllisonNYC

    A. Worked up to 173×5. Far off from 5rm but my back started rounding on the last set today.
    B. Messed up the course when I went left at 6th instead of 8th 🙁 Ran for 5 minutes. 5 Minutes of pure torture! 🙂

  • Albert Insogna

    A: 145×5 and 155×3
    B: 8:58, and that includes the wrong turn I made on 26th