Monday 130520

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
For time: 1000 meter row/run then 3 rounds: 20 pull ups, 40 weighted sit ups 45/25

Competition Team WOD:
A. Back Squat 5×3 reps, work up to a heavy set of three
B. Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts 5×5, heavy
C. 100 hollow rocks for time, in as few sets as possible

Burpee Quarter Mile. Yep, this means what it sounds like: It’s a 400m that is accomplished only through burpees.

Congrats to Sean M. for giving his all as an individual competitor representing CFNYC at NE Regionals this past weekend! And thanks to Shannon for these pics:

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seanM2 seanM3

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
Squat Snatch 6×1.1 (Includes extended snatch warm up)

Competition Team WOD:
To be announced.

‘Listen for the Whistle’ 12min Interval. When you hear the Whistle, it’s time to sprint until you hear the next whistle blow to slow down to a jog. Expect the unexpected and stay alert.


  • reisbaron

    Shoulder Vacation Week #2
    18:46 – subbed 24″ box jumps for pull-ups
    (Row 4:02)

    Congrats Sean!

    • Jim S

      How’s your shoulder(s) doing? I’m finally starting to see some meaningful improvement. Slowly…

      • reisbaron

        Feels stronger, but not 100%. Tested pushups & handstand holds over the weekend. Definitely needs another week off. Ironic that we get our first all-snatch skill/strength day in over a year and I’ll be running 800s in the park. Great news for you though. Glad to hear it’s coming around…

        • Jim S

          Well, getting there. But not there yet. I had to bail out of that modified Cindy last week after two rounds. But the good news is that a day later it was feeling pretty good again. Definitely no thrusters in my near term wod-future though.

  • Why should I come to class on snatch-only day?

    1. I want to be better at CrossFit: 6 of the 7 workouts at Regionals this year are supported by or comprised of the Olympic lifts.
    2. I want to be better at conditioning workouts: To improve at the Olympic lifts, we must practice them in a non-fatigued state.
    3. I want to look better naked: Strength training as part of a balanced diet makes you look damn sexy out of workout clothes.
    4. I want to get stronger: To improve in CrossFit conditioning workouts, you must get stronger. To do that, you must lift heavy things.
    5. I need an active recovery day: While this workout is primarily a strength day, to come in and focus on technique at light weights is also legit.

    • Kameron_K


  • Erik D

    400m burpees: a little over 26:00 with 229 burpees.

  • BenS

    17:04 rx’d (row: 3:53). Slow row was key.

  • AndyK

    17:55 (3:17 row) rx’d. Need to work on getting my sit-ups faster, only place I lost a lot of time.

  • Court

    Seriously, three cheers for Sean. He fought his way up from the bottom against a very competitive field, in spite of a nice little case of the flu. He played it smart, saving his strength in some events so he could go hard in others. He finished where others didn’t, so please, the next time you see him tell him “Thank You” for representing CFNYC.

  • AllisonNYC

    WOD: 16:00 RX

    Endurance WOD with Heidi & the Girls – 22:30 170 Burpees. Tried to get quality jumps each rep to save myself some burpees. 🙂 Very fun in a sick sort of way!

    • Brett_nyc

      hey are you back in NYC? Talk about old school.

  • reisbaron

    40 styles of Inov8s on The Clymb for $40-$50 off –
    (need to register to see the shoes)

  • 20:21 I think with a casual 3:50 row. I attribute my underwhelming effort and performance on my ten year high school reunion this past weekend, which was pretty much the exact opposite of doing CrossFit. And as Kyle saw I invented a new CrossFit move this morning which I am naming the kipping weighted situp. So ya at least I got that going for me.

  • david slifer

    15:45 RX

  • KevinBoul

    This one was downright fun. 15:57 RXd

  • 16:53 rx

  • Albert Insogna

    16:53, nice work Annie 🙂

  • 14:42 RX

  • Naveen

    Author of the Jedi Mind Trick article really doesn’t know the difference between dieting and fitness.