Tuesday 130514

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. For quality: Handstand push up (Push up) EMOMx10 (Kipping is allowed. Choose a rep range that allows you to succeed)
B. 13.2: 10 min amrap: 5 shoulder to overhead 115/75, 10 deadlift 75/115, 15 box jump (step ups) 24/20

Competition Team WOD:
A. 1 max effort set of HSPU, rest as needed then 1 max effort set of handstand walk for distance

B. TEST: Find your 3 RM Power Clean

4X300m intervals with 40 double unders, 30 situps and 20 pushups in between each interval.

CrossFit modern art?? 😉
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Straight-arm kipping
The scientific 7-minute workout
There’s nothing insignificant about progress

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Reverse Lunges 3×10/side (kettle bell farmer’s carry or barbell in back rack )
B. 3 rounds for quality: 10 left arm KB swing(1.5/1pood), 20 jumping lunges total, 10 right arm KB swing (1.5/1pood) (One arm swings are Russian)

Competition Team WOD:

“Rowing Helen”
3 Rounds
Row 500 meters
21 KB Swings 24/16
12 Pullups


  • jsg

    A. Push ups – 10 per min
    B. 13.2 – 184 reps (+9 PR from Open score – both w/step ups)

  • reisbaron

    Sprints in the park w/ Scott & Anthony
    8 x 200 (60 secs rest)
    41 – 43 – 45 – 50 – 55 – 60 – 61 – 50

  • Justin Katz

    A: 7 per minute
    B. 13.2- 95# 170
    121 last time
    same weight (95#)

    (+49 PR from Open score-both with step ups)

  • Bennett

    A. push ups – 10 per min
    B. 13.2 – 115# 150 reps

  • 13.2 – 228 reps (+33 PR from Open Score). Coach Ben S verified, again 🙂

    • BenS

      Beastly. I, on the other hand, un-PR’d by 28 reps (229 to 201).

  • What was:
    :30 Beginner, :45 Black; :00 Black, :00 beginner
    What is:
    :30 Beginner, :45 Black, :50 All level, :00 beginner
    What should be:
    :30 Beginner, :45 Black, :00 beginner/all, :15 Black


    • AndyK

      I personally do not think that there should be a differentiation between All Level and Beginner – should just be all Level. During the week I go to the 6:00am beginner classes because they fit my schedule the best; however, I am regularly scaling up to Black Box RX weights. In the beginner classes people are generally scaling up/down as needed. On the weekends I go to Black Box and All-Level classes, and to be honest see no difference. The coaches always give a good demo, and then walk around working with people who need additional guidance.
      Besides the competition team workouts, I think they should all be “All-Level”

      • Well, as long as the All Level classes in that case either A) don’t spend 20 mins teaching how to kip a pull up or b) have an alternate for people who already know how to do it…

        • AndyK

          If you are still getting the same Part A and Part B workout done within the hour, does it really affect the workout if slightly more instruction is given? As stated above, I attend mostly beginner classes due to timing, but never feel that the instruction is cutting into anything.

        • Brian D

          I’d argue no one is above any level of instruction and learning a skill. It’s like rewatching the same movie and seeing something you didn’t notice previously each new exposure.

          You just gotta pay attention and be interested.

          • That’s a really nice simplified viewpoint. However, if you’ve got 20 people learning how to kip and 1 or 2 people who already know, guess who’s getting the instruction?

          • Brian D

            There’s no need to be shy in a class full of strangers to ask the coach for help and pointers.

  • JP

    B. 13.2 – 182 reps. +30 PR from Open score. 20% increase in 8-weeks.

  • JonnyHK

    A. 1-2 per min (who new it could be done)
    B. 13.2 – 144 two better than the games…Hitting my shin slowed me down…could have probably completed the round.

  • A: Push-ups, stuck with 5 per round.
    B: 207… +27 from 13.2!!! ::confetti::

  • AndyK

    Was excited to have a second go at 13.2, after my strategic mistake of doing box jumps in the Open. Went with step ups this time and added 48 reps – 243 today vs. 195 in the Open.

  • Switch description… this is AM:45. That is Beginners lunchtime.

  • A: 5 min EMOM, 2 HSPUs w/ 1 abmat
    B: First time doing 13.2… 197 @ 45#

  • Joe W

    9 rounds + 25 reps

  • 241 rx (old score 229)
    Nice job Cindy – 272 rx (killed it!!!)

  • Christina C

    13.2 WOD
    Score today 191 Rx’ed
    During the open I scored 155, that’s what I call improvement!