Saturday 130511

REMINDER: This weekend and every weekend, all classes at 28th St. location ONLY!

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Reverse Lunges 3×8/side
B. Black Box: 5 rounds: 1 kipping pull up, 1 toes to bar, 2 of each, 3 of each… Round ends when you come off the bar, rest 2-3 minutes between sets
Beginners: 5 rounds not for time, alternating with a partner: 10 pull ups, 10 hanging leg raise

Competition Team WOD:
A. Warm up with skin the cats then TEST: 1 max set of unbroken ring muscle ups. 
B. If you complete less than 12 reps, complete 2 more max effort sets, rest as needed between sets.
TEST for time: 250 m row, 15 kettlebell swings (overhead, 32/24 kg), 25 burpees, 15 kettlebell swings, 250 m row 
(If you do not get sub 4 minutes (men) or 4:30 minutes (women), Rest 20 minutes and repeat.)
C. Collect 2 minutes in an L-sit, record the number of attempts it takes to complete.

Coach Kyle proves that you never have to be without pullups when on vacation:

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s classes, all at our 28th St. location ONLY:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Practice: Freestanding Handstands and walk.
B. “Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlift 225/185, Handstand push up

Competition Team WOD:


  • ST

    Gorgeous vacation spot! Is that in the Caribbean?

    • Hallsville, MO, is known as the Caribbean of the Midwest.

  • reisbaron

    Today’s WOD is split up into five separate workouts on BTWB. Each round is known as a “death by” WOD, where you continue until you come off the bar. Since scoring isn’t possible for multiple “death by” rounds within a WOD, each round had to be scored separately.

  • Jana B.

    1: Self Magazine workout in the park WOD (7 min AMRAP 5 air squats, 5 pushups 10 lunges). I can’t count an AMRAPs without paper or a judge.
    2. Black Box
    A: Got to 3. Grip giving out before anything else
    B: reverse lunges 53-63-73. Those be hard!

  • Jim S

    A: 75lbs, 85lbs, 95lbs
    B: 4/4, 4/4, 4/4, 4/4, 4/3 Grip was gone by last set. Just fell off before I could do the T2B.