UPDATE: Northeast Regionals Tickets!

UPDATE as of May 6th:
For having the largest team in the Northeast, we have been given 150 tickets to the Northeast Regionals. As of now, it appears that we can accommodate all the requests listed in the comments to date.

As a first step, those of you who have posted, should see the Front Desk at 28 Street starting tomorrow evening. We will give each person who participated in the Open (and posted to comments as of yesterday) a maximum of two tickets. It seems likely that we will have additional tickets available thereafter, but we first want to make sure we can give those who will attend a minimum of two tickets. We will give out the tickets in the order that they were requested in the comments.

Please note that these tickets may not be sold. We will keep a record of who received each ticket. We will follow a similar procedure for the Games tickets, when we receive them.
* * * * *

If you’re a member of CFNYC who registered for and participated in the Open and wish to attend the Northeast Regionals, please post your name to comments.

The Northeast Regionals take place May 17-19 in Canton, Massachusetts.

(Please note, this post only pertains to Regionals tickets, not Games tickets.)


  • Shannan

    Shannan Wilson 3 tickets for Regionals

  • Kameron_K

    Kameron Mengel – 2 tickets for Regionals.

  • Adena Altman

    Adena Altman – 2 tickets for Regionals

  • david slifer

    David Slifer

  • Mel_Hullings

    Mel Hullings – 2 tickets for Regionals please!

  • Kyle J Smith- 4 tickets for regionals please.

  • Matthew Rigazio

    Matt Rigazio – 3 tickets please

  • Mai

    2tix for Mai Truong please. Thank you!

  • 2 tickets for Heidi Jones. I’m posting this on her behalf after she emailed me.

  • AndrewNYC

    2 tickets for regionals thanks

  • Jen Kim

    Jen Kim 4 tickets please!

  • Tameka Royal

    Tameka Royal– 2 tickets, please!

  • allie lonstein

    Allie Lonstein. 3 tickets please!!

  • Shannon d

    Shannon dougherty

  • two tickets for Michael J Sullivan.

  • Coach Avery

    Avery Wittkamp

  • 2 tickets for robert gorvetzian please

  • jplafranchise

    JP LaFrance….1 please

  • Mary W

    Mary Winans – 1

  • Jason W

    2 tickets for Jason Wong, please

  • Naveen

    I would like one ticket for regionals please. Naveen Vennam

  • Two tickets for regionals please!! Cleo Kirkland. Go Sean PM!

  • Brett_nyc

    2 please
    Brett Tom

  • Matthew Zalewski

    2 tickets please
    Matthew Zalewski

  • Patrick

    Patrick Irving – 2 tickets for Regionals please.

  • JonnyHK

    Jonathan Levin – 2 tickets to regionals

  • Jeff

    I’d like some tickets please.

  • Dan

    Dan Lagana, 2 tickets for Regionals. Thanks for the update, much appreciated.