Wednesday 130501

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Power snatch + overhead squat 5×1+2
B. 10 minute AMRAP: 3 bar muscle up (C2B pull up), 6 clapping (plyo) push up, 9 jump squats

3 people on a team.
Two of the teammates will do Cindy 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats while the third person does 50 parallette burpees. The score is the total number of reps total by the two teammates doing Cindy. The top 2 will go onto the WINNER TAKES ALL WOD that will be announced in class.

Changing the world is a walk in the park. Do double unders for a good cause, for prizes, and of course…for bragging rights!! Show your skills, this Saturday at Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave at 1pm. See this link for details and discounted registration!! Prizes for ALL who participate!!

May 2013 Scheduling & Programming Changes Begin Monday, May 6th (with new UPDATE!)
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Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Back Squat: work up to a 5 rep maximum, Tempo: 20X0
B. Accumulate 3 minutes in an L-sit

Tempo Run 4X600m up tempo with a 100m ‘recovery’ run in between.


  • Hey guys, I’m the one hosting the DU contest that is linked above! It’s gonna be super fun. Reebok 5th Ave has been promoting the hell out of the event for me, don’t let the Black Box be outnumbered! The competition is 3 minute AMRAP DU, and there are flyers by all of the sign-in computers. Coach Heidi and Coach Kyle have donated an hour private session as prizes, and there are Rx custom ropes up for grabs, Pr wristwraps, Yankees tickets, our very own Jessica Steiert donated one of her sterling silver kettlebell necklaces that she designed, and so much more!! Prizes, fun, and a good cause!! Let’s do it CFNYC!!

  • Kate J

    You could increase shower capacity at 26th street by 33% if you change that one lightbulb or provide a waterproof headlamp.

    • reisbaron

      phone flashlight app works sufficiently…not that it should have to for more than a day or so…

  • jsg


    A – worked up to 85# – OHS are still my nemesis…wish I could glue my heals to the floor.

    B – 7 rounds + 3 – subbed C2B/Box Dips for BMUs – clapping PUs were brutal….

  • Albert Insogna

    A: worked up to 115#
    B: 8 rounds even

  • Andrew

    Had to ditch work to get to one of Jason’s last classes at 1.
    A: Worked up to 150#
    B: 11 rounds with kipping C2B instead of muscle ups