Monday 130422

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Power Snatch 6×2 (work up to the heaviest set possible with perfect form)
B. Kipping toes to bar: Practice, then for quality: 3×5-15 unbroken (hanging leg raise)
C. 8 Rounds of 30 seconds russian kettlebell swings 2 (1.5) /1.5 (1) pood, 30 seconds rest

“CrossFitNYC Unites To Remember”. We are running a special CFE to remember & honor the victims of the Boston Marathon. Coach Heidi has a very special run planned with 26 events along the course to honor 26.2miles of this prestigious course & it’s spectators who lined the way! Meet at 28th street each hour & get ready to run & be a part of a very special tribute that Heidi has planned to honor the victims. You don’t want to miss this!

Partner pull-ups:

Getting low in the squat
Better upper-back extensionizer
The real problem
Jackie and the platform
Muscle tussle

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Back Squat 4×4 (4-8) (work up to the heaviest set possible, maintaining the speed on the ascent)
B. 3 min AMRAP burpees, 1 min rest, 2 min AMRAP burpees, 1 min rest, 1 min AMRAP burpees. Score is total burpees.

8X100m sprints with a 100m recovery jog in between.


  • AM:45 results.

    • Kate & Kristin both hit PRs today (Kristin’s should read 63 PR.) If anyone else hit a new PR, sound off!

      Mary did a terrifying static hold birthday WOD today… everyone can look forward to static holds of death in your near future 🙂

  • jsg

    Monday double-header…

    7:00am CFE: 23:40 – great WOD; a fitting tribute to Boston’s perseverance….

    8:00am WOD:
    A: (65) 95 – 105 – 115 – 125 (1 rep) – 125 (1 rep) – 115 —> tied last week’s PR of 125#
    B: timing and rhythm are not my forte….
    C: 133 (28kg) – this was an oddly fun metcon….

  • reisbaron

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    • Thanks, Reis!!
      For anyone who currently owns Inov8s: do you find that they run true to size, at least for women’s? Or should I size slightly up/down?

      • KaHee Kim

        i subtracted 1.5 to get my size in inov8’s and they fit perfectly! For example, im a size 7 in womens, but ordered size 5.5 in men’s 😀

  • A.
    5.115# (Worked on form)
    6.135 PR *woot woot*
    C. @ 32kg 112 swings. My lower back felt a little shot after the 5th/6th round.

  • A: 53-63-73-73-78-83(failed)-73 (one extra set to ease the sting of not being able to get that 83)
    B: T2B aren’t happening for me yet. Trying, trying, trying.
    C: Somewhere between 120-130, 1.5 pood (24kg).

    Tore two calluses pretty badly from those kettlebell swings. Many thanks to Coach Michael for helping me treat and cover them, and for not laughing in my face while I yelped and jumped around at the alcohol sting. I’ve never been happier to see burpees tomorrow – it’ll give them a chance to heal.

    What do you guys use to get torn hands healed up quicker? (And Michael, if you’re reading this, what was the name of the stuff you mentioned earlier?) Thanks!

  • A: 73, 73, 73, 78 (PR), 78
    B: 8
    C: 122 @20kg