Friday 130419

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Press 4×6 (6-8) (work up to the heaviest set possible, maintaining the speed on the ascent)
B. Overhead squat- work up to a heavy set of 3 (Beginners: Practice/mobilize– overhead squat)
C. 21-15-9 overhead squat 95 (65) /65 (45) , weighted sit up 45 (25) /25 (10)

Tempo 1X2min, 3min, 4min, 5min then return to 2min up tempo. In between each interval is 1minute ‘recovery’ run.

Jen K. says: “Crossfit has helped me reignite my passion for cross-training and interval strength training, especially after my ruthless 5 month NYC Marathon training program. I lost a lot of muscle during that period and I’m excited to be re-gaining my strength. (before I start training for the NYC Marathon again this year!!!) Plus sometimes it just makes me feel bad ass and that never hurts!”
(The above photo is by member Jim S. and is part of his series of CFNYC portraits.)

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Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes, all at our 28th St. location ONLY:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Unbroken strict Pull Ups EMOM for 10 minutes: choose a consistent rep range that allows you to succeed; i.e., 6 strict pull ups each minute
B. Practice: triple unders (Beginners: practice: double unders)
C. 15 min AMRAP: 20 double unders (40 single unders), 10 goblet squats 1.5/1 pood, 8 box jumps, 6 pull ups


  • reisbaron

    A: 115 – 135 – 155
    B: 185×3 – 205×2
    C: 4:56 RX’d

    OHS nom nom nom nom nom

  • Joe W

    A: 95-115-135-155

    B: 175
    C: 2:26 Rx’d

  • jsg

    A: 65(8) – 75(8) – 85(6) – 95 (6, push pressed the last 3)

    B: 45 – 55 – 65 – 75

    C: 7:07 (65# / 25#) Ahhh, OHS… single exercise in CF makes me feel weaker, less flexible or less coordinated than thee – I will slay this goat this year if it kills me…

  • Jana B.

    A: 53-63-68-73
    B: up to 83#
    C: 5:31 rx’d
    I <3 OHS. Seriously, I feel like my posture is better after I do them. It's like the anti-computer keyboard movement.

    • I was sitting up straight my entire train ride home. So weird!!

  • A. 85, 95, 105(F), 95 *Meh* >_>

    B. 95, 105, 115

    C. 9:00 Rx’d

    I’m sore from Wednesday, how is this possible? Lack of sleep/rest. -__-

  • AM:45 results

  • Happy Friday, enjoy doing squats… Overhead!
    A: 4 Rd’s X 6 reps all at 135
    B: 95X3, 145X3
    C: 4:28 RX

    Shoulders were gassed more so than my legs. Fun day and fun WOD.

    Nice to meet you tonight Coach Sofia.

  • ¦4:15¦
    A: 45-55-60-65(got to 5 reps, then did that funny-looking I’m-stuck-and-I-can’t-push-this-up dance… But considering my previous 1rm press was 68#, it’s all good)
    B: Just mobility work here.
    C: 5:42, 53#/25#… As I called time, I had a pleasant recollection of my first week after Elements, when we were practicing OHS. I hoisted the training bar in the air, proceeded to squat… And fell flat on my ass. Good times.

    Great WOD, and happy with my results today. 🙂