Our hearts are with Boston.

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A: Practice: box jumps
B: B. 3 rounds- 7 mins work, 3 minutes rest: 20 reverse lunges (total), 10 toes to bar (10 lying leg lifts,) 3 wall walks (6 pike walk outs)

3X800m. Between each interval: 10 burpees, 20 walking lunges, 30 pushups.

Our hearts go out to everyone in Boston who was affected by yesterday’s horrific events. We were very relieved yesterday to learn that Mai, who was running Boston, and her CFNYC friends who’d gone up to support her efforts (pictured below: Darshin, Heidi, Cecilie) were all safe and sound.

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Mai pre-race up in Boston yesterday. We were so glad yesterday to learn that she was safe and sound. She’s back in NYC as of last night.

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A. Power Snatch 5×3 (work up to the heaviest set possible with perfect form)
B. Practice: double unders
C. EMOMx16: Even: 2 Power Snatch 135 (95)/95 (65) Odd: AMRAP double unders (single unders)

Let’s go sledding, CrossFit Style! Time to induct the new sleds at 28th street!

Teams of 4: One partner does the Deadlift/Overhead Squat/Sled Pull while the other teammates do Ring Pushups, Burpee Tuck Jumps, Med Ball Cleans, & rope climbs. The team finishes when each person has done the DL/OH/Sled Pull once.

The winning team is the one with the fastest time AND the most number of reps completed!

1 partner:
Dead Lift (225#/135#)
Overhead Squat (95#/65#)
Sled Pull (90#/35#)
*Load a bar for DL and one for OH Squats at either end of the quadrant. Do 10 Dead Lifts and then pull the sled to the OH Squat bar and do 10 reps. Then pull the sled back to the DL bar and do 8 reps…and so on.

Rest of the team completes the following AMRAP for as long as their buddy is doing the DL/OH/Sled Pull:
10 Ring Pushups
10 Burpee Tuck Jumps
10 Med Ball Cleans
2 Rope Climbs


  • AndyK

    For those wondering box jump plate heights:

    10lb are 1.375″
    25lb are 2.25″
    45lb are 3.75″

  • JP


  • reisbaron

    B1: 3 + 24
    B2: 3 + 23
    B3: 3 + 10

    sub 5 HSPU per round with 45+10 plates, knees above parallel for T2B

  • Guest

    I’m going to be away for a week and wondered if you had a list of dynamic warmups for bodyweight workouts.

    (Also, are there dynamic warmups that should be done prior to workouts containing particular bodyweight exercises? Or am I overthinking this?)


    • reisbaron

      The Josh Everett Warmup is a good place to start: http://bit.ly/YsdS3a
      (you need a Crossfit Journal subscription)

      There’s a two-minute Youtube preview here: http://bit.ly/Yse4zm

      • Guest

        Thanks. This is a great warmup.

    • Naveen

      [10->1 jumping jacks + 1 burpee] then 6 reps each of (1) cat/camel (2) bird dogs (3) supine bent knee side to side twists (4) supine bridges (5) downward dog for 10 seconds x1 only (6) narrow grip push ups (7) wide grip push ups (8) slow air squats (9) squat drops (10) jumping squats (11) front-to-back leg swings (12) side to side leg swings

      • Guest

        Thanks. This is great.

  • joncoffey

    A: Something between 30″ and 40″.
    B: 3+3, 3+3, 2+30. Those T2B and wall walks are brutal.

  • AndyK

    A: Right around 41″ (30″ box, 2xblue 45s, 5xblack 10s)
    B: Started each round where I left off – 10 + 20 lunges + 3T2B

  • reisbaron

    There are two versions of today’s WOD up on Beyond the Whiteboard. If you continued where you left off after the rests, choose the one called “Continue”. If you started over each time, choose the one called “Restart”.

    Both of these have the prescribed rep counts and movements listed, so if you modified anything you can click on the movement’s name to change either the rep count or the movement itself. If anyone needs assistance, email me at reis.baron@gmail.com.

  • jsg

    A: bounding box jumps – worked up to the 30″ box, sets of 5-10 reps

    B: 2+14 / 2+20 / 2+30 — tried to do HSPU, but had to switch to wall walks – definitely the most brutal piece of the WOD

  • Mai

    Thank you so much for the concern and support, Black Box friends! I’m so grateful for our Crossfit community.

  • Jim S

    I think we all learned an important lesson today. If you ask Jason “do you have more depressing music?” The answer is emphatically yes.

  • |10am|
    A: Bounding Box Jumps – Worked my way up to the 24″ squishy box. Thank God for Squishy Boxes. (?)

    B: 3 / 2 + 32 / 2 + 31 (subbed hanging knee raises & went with wall walks)
    I’m ready, willing and able to blame all my life problems on wall-walks… That, or the fact that I’m still too chicken to kick into a handstand on my own. =__=

  • A.Stayed with a 24″ box

    **Glad to know that no one from the box was hurt in the Boston marathon. My condolences to those who were hurt or lives were taken.**

  • AM:45

  • Are all the CFE classes booked & waitlisted out tomorrow?

    • Hari Singh

      It appears so. We are likely to add additional CFE Wednesday WOD’s in May.

    • As of 7:40pm, there’s ONE spot in the 9 o’clock! Jump on it!

  • Jim S

    A: 40″ and 3 sets of 16 bounding on the short box (20″ – I like my achilles)
    Would have been nice to have more time, I think I had a box jump PR in me today.
    B: 9 rounds + 4. This was a mistake. My re-habbing shoulder has been very unhappy with me today and quickly pointed out that my decision to do wall walks was not well considered.

  • DarraghLynch

    9 + 30…loving all of these long AMRAP’s!