Tuesday 130402

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A: On the minute for 10 minutes: 3 power snatches–try to increase the weight each round.

[Black Box scaling:] B. 3 rounds for time: 10 overhead squats (135#/95#), 50 double-unders

[Beginner scaling:] B. 3 rounds for time: 5 overhead squats, 25 double-unders/50 single-unders

2x run 150 meters do 25 burpees, run 150 meters do 25 jump squats. Rest. Run 150 meters do 25 pushups, run 15o meters do 25 situps. Rest.

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Updated schedule changes for this last week of the CF Open at CFNYC

CFNYC member Michaela and her brother at a recent CFE class:

Coach Heidi, who took the above pic, tipped me off to the fact that Michaela had quite the interesting story of what training at CFNYC means to her. Here’s what Michaela had to say:

“I started doing CrossFit back in January. As a rower at Princeton University, I was incredibly fit – I won a gold medal at the Under-23 Rowing World Championships and lead the Princeton Varsity 8+ to an undefeated 2010-2011 season, culminating in an Ivy League and NCAA National Championship.”


“But after joining ‘the real world’ and working a 9-5 job (or more accurately, a 9-7 job!), I struggled to find a new workout routine that challenged and excited me the way rowing did. Then I found CrossFit. Over the past few months, I’ve loved meeting new people, working with amazing instructors, and feeling fit and strong once again.”

“When my younger brother David came to visit, I couldn’t wait to introduce him to CrossFit. He wasn’t happy about the early wake-up call, but he loved the workout and the people. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks Coach Heidi! We’re hooked!”

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s classes:
Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A1: 4×2 split jerk w/3-sec pause at bottom; A2: Lateral lunge 2/KB pulse 3×4/side

Black Box scaling: B: 3 rounds for time: 15 hang power cleans (135#/95#), 15 burpees

Beginner scaling: B: 3 rounds for time: 10 hang power cleans, 10

5 Rounds of Tabata 5 Stations 1 min rest between each station.
The first modality is your :20 of work. If there is a second part listed, it is your :10 โ€˜rest.โ€™ If no second modality is listed, this is your actual :10 rest ๐Ÿ™‚
-Situps with Medicine Ball/Plank
-Double Unders/Bottom of Squat Hold
-KB Swings/Air Squats w/KB
-Running place with Medicine Ball/Lateral Lunge with Med Ball


  • T-Money

    Is it possible to have a Crossfit Open class this Sunday? Would really help out the people doing the CMC. I, for one, want to rest Friday in anticipation of the CMC and don’t want to do the Open on Saturday after the CMC, meaning only Thursday is a viable option. So having that option on Sunday would really help. Thanks for considering!

    • Andrew R

      I second this, I understand the box had its reasons for not doing them on Sunday the rest of the Open, but as we have a ton of members (50+) participating in the CMC, this would be appreciated

      • Hari Singh

        If you are doing the CMC on Saturday and you cannot get into an Open WOD on Thursday or Friday, please post to comments.

        If you are doing the CMC and neither Thursday or Friday work for you to do 13.5, please post your name as listed on the Games Site to comments and I will make sure you have a judge at 4:00 PM on Sunday, provided you have already done and posted the first four Open WOD’s and agree to show up on Sunday.

        • I would like a Sunday Open.. I’m not doing the CMC, but I’m doing GoRuck which is also on saturday, so I’m in the same boat as the CMC’ers.

          • Hari Singh


            Arrive between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM on Sunday and check with Kevin at the Front Desk. We will find you a judge and put you through 13.5. Be sure to submit your score after.

          • Thanks Hari, I just found out I got upgraded from waitlist to reserved for tomorrow at 7am! So I’ll be able to complete the open before destroying myself on GoRuck.

  • A: 65-75-85-95-100-105-110-115-120-125
    B: 10:36 – 135# + parallette jumps

    • Matt L

      Thanks Reis. Pretty sure the evenings are still on the schedule, but didn’t see a WOD listed which is why I wanted to confirm (on zenplanner as well)

  • Matt L

    Are there still endurance WODs being run today? Any idea what the WOD is? Thanks!

  • Mary

    Congrats Michaela! That’s so great!

  • PrintsPlease

    Help! I keep hurting my lower back at crossfit. A friend, and non-crossfiter, but former lifter suggested I wear a weight lifting belt. He was surprised we didnt already wear them. Why dont we wear them? Should I try it?

    • Andrew

      I use a lifting belt when going doing dead lifts over 300# or squats over 250#. I’ve found that it isn’t as much for stability as it reinforces better form which can fall apart at heavier weight. For example, on a dead lift it forces me to keep a flat back and not round my back especially coming from the ground.
      From my experience back pain, it has been from weak core strength or improper form. I’ve seen way too many people at the box who don’t flatten their backs or get their butts down when picking a bar off the ground which can lead to lower back issues.

    • There’s probably no harm in trying a weightlifting belt. One way to do it- during strength work, don’t wear your belt as you’re warming up. Then put it on when your working at 75%+ your 1RM. During conditioning work, make sure the belt isn’t interfering with good movement patterns, and don’t wear it all the time. We want to strengthen our core sans belt as much as possible.

      More important than all of that though, make sure you’re moving correctly all the time. We have this idea that all conditioning workouts should eventually look like shit, that’s how we know we’re working hard enough- WRONG. Quality comes first, always. CrossFit has been preaching for a long time- movement quality, then consistency, THEN intensity. If you need to back off (on weight or speed) to move better while you’re learning a movement- do. That’s how you’ll protect and strengthen your back.

      PS- don’t be afraid to use your real name. As a coach, I’d love to help you out in class, but I doubt your mom named you PrintsPlease. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Andrew

        I like my answer better…

  • AM:45 results

  • A: 33-38-43-48-53-58-63-68-73(things start going badly)-68
    Excellent pointers from Coach Sara – looks like I’m rounding my back coming up from the bottom of my snatch position. But I’m still pretty thrilled that I got the 73# snatch off the ground twice before failing… Considering the frustration-fest that was 13.1.

    B: 9:16 (43#, Parallette jumps)
    Honestly only made it through those last 20 parallette leaps because of Carlos standing behind me and shouting, “Jump! Jump! Jump!” Solid advice. ;D

  • Phoenix

    What is this Upper West Side location? Can we all go there too? When will it open?

  • A.In minutes:
    10:115# (PR’d)

    B.95#, Parallel Jumps Time:5:46