Diary of a Dance Party of Crossfitters

Written by Jason Lucking
Photos by Leslie Martin

Saturday 16th February, another early morning for six of CFNYC’s athletes; Zach “Nitrous” DuCharme, David “B.M.G.” Blair, Sam “BabyBoi” Snyder, Peter “The Beast” Frelik, David ” The Unit” Slifer and Jason “Wolf” Lucking. You could smell the anticipation in the car. It was a gentle blend of eggs, Axe body spray and steak.


We arrived at Crossfit Triton, CT, to a the opening of its new 10,000 square foot box. All but the center workout area was swarmed with people. We set up in a corner and began warming up while eating Nitro’s paleo muffins and cookies. DELICIOUS!

A welcoming to the competition and explanation of the WODs revealed that the first workout was worse than we first anticipated.

WOD 1:
Row 250 meters while the other partner holds a plate in each hand; then switch positions and repeat.
Then: Fran: 21, 15, 9 Thruster/Pullups,
Then: Row 250 meters while the other partner holds a plate in each hand; then switch positions and repeat.
Rowers dampers on 5, plate 45/25, thruster 95/65. 30 second penalty for loss of grip and plate drops.


Turns out each competitor had to do “Fran,” 21 Thrusters each followed by 21 Pullups each etc. That part we had read completely wrong! Splitting “Fran” up and only doing half was much more appealing. That wasn’t to be the case.

All round, everyone crushed it and pushed themselves to new levels. A good first WOD.

Clean Ladder:
Men’s Ladder begins at 165, Scaled Ladder begins at 95.
Teams will be allowed 1 minute per bar for both athletes to complete lift. If lift is missed, count number of burpees accomplished in remaining time.
Score will be the total of both athlete’s load and burpees.

Watching some of the rx’d guys warm up their cleans with a couple of reps at 225#, then 235#, then 275# it was clear that these guys meant business. This was no boys food for them. Without hesitation and a spring in our step, it began!


Nitrous and Wolf began. They both hit new PR’s at 225# and 245#. They also won over the hot blonde judge with dance interludes between the minutes. Next up was B.M.G. and BabyBoi, again crushing PR’s at 185# and 195#. These two lowered their weights down gently for the first few lifts. They soon realising the sheer pleasure of dropping the weight without worrying about neighbours. B.M.G.’s new found energy from this orgasmic experience allowed spectators to enjoy as he rocked out to Ozzy Ozbourne’s Crazy Train mid ladder. Wrapping the WOD up was Beast and Unit taking home 195# and 235# cleans. Epic acheivements and the encouragement/abuse from each other was incredible to watch.

It’s a Chipper!
80 double unders,
70 burpees,
60 kettlebell swings 55/45,
50 wall balls 20,14,
40 power snatch 135/95,
30 toes to bar,
20 box jumps 30/24,
10 sumo high pulls with barbell 135/95

The one that we all dreaded. Two WODs down and the thought of 40 snatches half way through WOD three was at the back of everyones mind. Strategy was the key here. BabyBoi and B.M.G. worked well as a team using each others strengths and weaknesses to their advantage. B.M.G.’s shoulder was a concern for kettle bell swings. “What shoulder injury?” he asks himself crushing 30 unbroken letting BabyBoi plough through the wallballs.

Nitro and Wolf flew through the first half of the chipper but strategy broke down when Wolf ran to prep for snatches leaving his partner to push through the final ten wallballs alone. He made up for it on snatches kicking into a zone of focus so intense it made 3 girls cried. Last but by no means least, Beast and Unit sped through their chipper. Beginning the chipper with the most awkward single under by Beast, Unit wrapped up the remaining 79 catapulting them through the WOD.


Did we win? No, but we gave it a bloody good try. Team Dangerous: 23rd (rx Division) The Shirt Club: 7th and Two Jerks: 13th (Scaled Division).
All round an amazing day. We were very happy with our efforts but more importantly we had a fun time doing it. The whole experience was very humbling and inspiring. The unity amoung the group was incredible but the community of crossfit spreads far and wide.

Will I do another partner/team competition? Hells yeah I will and I suggest you do to. Speak to your coach to see if they think that you’re ready for a competition. The scaled division is always fun. Challenging but fun.

Well done to all the athletes and thank you coaches for your time spent getting us to where we are. You’re patience with us is always greatly appreciated.

- Team Dangerous


  • http://linsfitnessjourney.blogspot.com Linnea H

    Nice job, gentlemen! Special props to the Shirt Club–go 7:45!

  • Andrew

    Good job guys, you also killed 13.1

  • http://www.facebook.com/hilores Amber Rodriguez

    Congrats, guys!! (and great read!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/heidee.tabudlong Heidee Tabudlong

    Proud of you guys!!