Judges Needed!

During the Open WOD’s, we would appreciate the assistance of our members who are either Level 1-certified and/or have passed the online judging course.

Please post to comments those times when you are available to judge. Currently we have Open WOD’s scheduled on the hour from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Thursday, March 7th, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Friday, March 8th, and 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday, March 9th. (We may add or subtract Open WOD classes as needed to accommodate all our members who have registered for the 2013 CrossFit Games Open.)


  • Jon Levin

    I tried taking the course online…I cant get past section 1 and the question with the squats and the photos…I know what a squat is but I guess my eyes are horrible.

    • Naveen

      Actually, you may have re-learn what certain movements should actually look like. Walking around the box on Saturday while people were doing Cindy, I’d estimate that more than half of the air squats performed were not up to competition standards – either because people have inflexible hips and can’t get deep enough or get lazy and don’t fully extend at the top. Nearly all beginners start with questionable movement standards. Some coaches (like Sara) are especially good at coaching away bad behaviors asap; others are more lenient as long as the movements are safe. I used to have a coach who pulled me out of every other workout to do wall squats or flexibility exercises because I was not hitting depth. While helpful, it was very frustrating to not get to do the wod! Even elite athletes at Regionals and the Games are frequently no-repped.

  • Kate J

    If i have my level 1, do I also need the judging cert?

    • Hari Singh

      If you have a Level 1, that is sufficient. We will brief you and your athletes on the standards before the WOD begins.

  • Joe Sikoscow

    Out of town 3/7-3/10 and 3/15-3/17 but otherwise I can generally judge after work @ 6pm onward or weekends. Just tell me when a few days ahead of time to make sure it doesn’t conflict with anything else.

  • Tony F

    Let me know the times you need help and I will try to swing it.

  • KevinBoul

    I have both and will be at the box as often as possible during the open. I can devote large blocks of time to this if necessary.

  • I can judge 6am and 7am on Thursday. And 7pm on Friday.

    • This is just my availability this week, and actually might have already changed. I suspect most people’s week changes practically by the minute. Is there a way you can post(and update) time slots that u need judges for and than we can just sign up for specific time slots? Maybe zen planner can even be used? Seems like the easiest way of matching ppl with openings, especially over a 5 week period, when people’s availability will change.

  • Ali

    Roughly how long does the course take? Happy to help out, just wanted to set aside time this week to take the class.

    • Hari Singh

      It is in modules that you can do at your leisure. If you do it all at once, it should take about an hour.

  • Naveen

    I have l1 and did the judge course. Can judge on Sunday, possibly part of Saturday.

  • Jai

    I’ll try taking the course. I am able to help on Thursday from 6pm onward. I may also be able to help on Friday but will have to confirm that much later in the week. Next week, same. But after that I should have weekends open, too.

  • Mel_Hullings

    I can judge anytime on Saturday.

  • David Stogsdill

    I have L1 and judge’s course. I should be available Thurs/Fri mid-morning.

  • Kate J

    Hey, have you thought about doing a doodle, and letting us just sign up for when we can help?

  • John Landers

    I’ll be out of town this weekend but I can help judge in the next open WODs

  • Erin S

    I am available Thursday and Friday from 9am to 2pm to be a judge. I’m Level 1 certified and I passed the online judges course.

  • I can judge from 11 a.m – 4 p.m on Saturday.

  • Ali

    Planning to finish up the course tonight, and I can judge Thursdays at 7PM (will do the Open myself at 6 and then can stay to judge from 7-8 if that’s okay).

  • Hari Singh

    We will have a need for all of you whatever times you are available. The more judges we have at any given WOD, the better. SImply show up when it works for you and check in with the chief judge.

  • Andrew

    Certified as a judge. I’m going to no rep so many people