Wednesday 130227

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:

Black Box WOD [remember today is a TESTING day!]
A: Take 15 minutes to work up to a max-height box jump

B: “Cindy”
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Beginner WOD:
A1: Back squat 3×4-6; A2: High box jump 3×2

B: 2 minutes max reps wallballs, 2 minutes max reps kettlebell swings, 2 minutes max reps double-unders/parallette jumps.

4 Rounds for Time:
Row 500m then
3 Rounds: 5 pullups / 10 pushups / 15 airsquats

Roxy (pictured below with Coach Sully) writes: “I just wanted to send a heads-up that this will be my last week of crossfit at the NYC Black Box. I am moving to Denver to start an herbal tea company with my roommate and best friend (and also hang out with Ryan)! It is called DeiTea and right now being sold on Etsy. I’ve had an incredible time at Crossfit NYC, learned SO much, gotten SO MUCH stronger and changed my whole perspective on working out. I’m going to miss everyone!” We’ll miss you, too, Roxy! Good luck!

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Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
[Black Box scaling:] A: 3 sets not for time: 5 muscle-ups, 5 handstand pushups, 10 strict toes-to-bar.

[Beginner scaling:] A: 3 sets not for time: 10 pullups, 10 toes-to-bar/hanging knee raises, 5 ring dips/10 ring pushups.

B: 10-minute AMRAP @ 80-85% effort: 10 plate ground-to-overheads (45#/25#), 15 hollow rocks, 30 double-unders/60 single-unders; rest 5 minutes x 2 sets.

3X800m sprints with full recovery


  • Box jump 40in (PR)
    Cindy 13 + 5 pullups + 8 pushups Rx’d. I would like to thank my grip team Sara and my encouragement team Reis at the 7am class. CrossFit works. Simple as that. My prior Cindy (Oct 17) was 10 + 5 + 10 with a green AND blue band.

    • reisbaron

      Nice work Brad!

  • BenS

    box jump: 50″ — previous PR was 44″
    metcon: 20 min AMRAP: 5 goblet squats (32kg), 10 GHD situps, 15 box jumps (24″): 10 rounds + 8 reps

  • Justin Katz

    A; 32in
    I have to try mentally not to fear high box jumps.
    B: “Cindy” 14+5 pull-ups+8 pushups rx’d

  • CFNYC Member

    CFNY has put in endurance classes in why not throw in a few strength classes? Below is a workout from a gym I recently visited. These are common workouts and not something seen very often at CFNYC. More strength worked in to the classes I attended for teh week I visited.

    Strength / Skill
    Bench press 5 reps @ 40%, 5 reps @ 50%, 5 reps @ 60%
    Deadlift 5 reps @ 40%, 5 reps @ 50%, 5 reps @ 60%
    Strict pull-up 3xmax reps
    Reverse hyper extension 5×10-20 reps

    Complete 3 rounds for time of:
    · 3 Dumbbell snatch / side
    · 6 Toes-to-bars
    · 9 Wall ball shots
    · 6 Dumbbell snatch / side
    · 9 Toes-to-bars
    · 12 Wall ball shots

    Ab work of choice

    Is this due to lack of equipment? it is frustrating with the lack of diversity in the WODs the past few months… Shoulder wall slides almost 3xs a week for the past month is getting a little repetitive.
    Otherwise everything is great!

    • Sean M

      I would argue that there is no strength work in what you posted based solely on the %’s listed.

      I’m pretty sure (but nothing is certain), that the typical schedule has a heavy dose of squats, pulling, pressing, and dynamic work all biased toward strength gains. I’d bet the cascade of lift PR”s that people have been getting proves this out…but I hate data and facts.

      FYI wall slides, while boring and soul draining, are highly useful for the majority of the population at CFNYC from the beginner to the competition team people. They are programmed for a reason (team included), I’ll speculate that it’s not to elicit excitement from you, but to keep you from “messing your shit up” (see for example – curing dysfunction).

      The programming over the last few months has been a good experiment, and I would argue that it’s the most thought out its ever been with a real emphasis on over-all fitness biased toward not injuring people. Try programming for 1500 people of various capacities, and see how quickly it can get complicated.

      I can tell you for certain that Jason has the best interest of the members in mind when he plans out the program. He may occasionally miss the mark of making everyone happy all the time, but that’s a standard no one can meet. If people have complaints, its not for the lack of the kid’s time, effort, and interest in wanting members to succeed.

      I’m sure he appreciates this suggestion, and if my comments offend you (as they usually do most times I post), don’t let it reflect on Jason’s efforts.

      • Naveen

        I second what Sean said. I’ve been CrossFitting since 2007, and think this is some of the best programming I’ve seen. I’ve tried all of the fad flavors of crossfit, and truly believe that focusing on endurance or strength will make you less fit than just following normal crossfit programming, That said, CrossFit can get boring after a couple of years and spending a quarter focused on some specific area can be a fun way to mix it up. If you are really weak, I would just say to follow the normal programming and eat more strategically and more in general. I’ve actually torn a muscle in my shoulder in the past specifically because I lacked the mobility targeted by the scapular slides; I’ve been doing them for more than a year and wish I’d been doing them sooner. Our coaches might make mistakes, but they are obsessed with fitness and I would bet on them knowing what is best for my training better than I do.

        • Dave B

          By no means am expert on any of this, but I have been a big fan of Jason’s programming. I have been getting various PR’s and yet not and yet not feeling like a train hit me every day. In my year of training at NYC, Jason’s programming has been my favorite.

      • Ben

        When people complain it’s usually because the programming is making them do something they are bad at – this is a good thing

    • Jason L.

      For everyone that hates the unilateral (lunge) + shoulder wall slide combo, think of it as eating your broccoli. It doesn’t have to be fun, but it’s got to get done. They will keep you healthy in the long run, and allow you to remain injury free longer, in addition to getting your legs strong as hell. If you can combine your rehab/prehab work with your strength work, you kill two birds with one stone (instead of spending hours on just fixing or preventing injury for your one “bad shoulder” or “bad knee”). The second most predictive indicator for an injury is a unilateral imbalance (first predictive is a previous injury in the same area). They come up once every 8 days, so just do them. Or you can avoid them and take that day as a rest day if you think blowing out your shoulders and SI joint is elite.

      In regards to that workout, Sean M. is correct. Other than possibly the strict pullups, there is no absolute strength work. Perhaps they wanted you to do more of a dynamic effort (focusing on speed strength), but that is still not considered absolute strength.

      Any good strength and conditioning coach will tell you that consistency is key, not excitement. It’s focusing on a small set of lifts and adding 5-10# per week, until you stop seeing progress. KISS – Keep it simple stupid. I’m happy to discuss further, email

      • Simon E.

        Box jump: 40 inches

        Cindy: 15 + 5 pull-ups + 5 push-ups. Crushed my previous (and first) Cindy of 10 rounds + 5 pull-ups.

        I’m not an experienced crossfitter by any means, but have always been athletic. The programming here has made me stronger and given me more endurance than I could have imagined when I began 4 months ago.

    • Hari Singh

      There are 5000 affiliates out there. On any given day, one of them is doing a WOD you would prefer.

  • david slifer

    Box Jump – 51in
    Cindy – 18 + 3 push ups – went down since the last time I did it. Chalking it up to a lack of sleep and lifting on Monday and Tuesday. I shall seek my revenge, Cindy.

  • Albert Insogna

    box jump: 48in, no improvement
    Cindy: 21+2, PR

  • AM:45 results. Top Scores: Ladies- Laura 37″ box jump, Annie 15+7 rounds of Cindy. Men- Kenny 51″ box jump, Damien 22 rounds of cindy.

  • Jim S

    Dropped in at Crossfit Cadence in Los Gatos this morning. Nice place.
    A: F.S. x2 RM. 225lbs
    B: 100 Thrusters for time (Sub’d squat cleans – shoulder). 95lbs. 21:43)

  • reisbaron

    Box Jump 34″ (PR)
    Cindy 8 Rds + 6 Squats – PR by 19 reps, but black band this time instead of green band last time, so maybe it’s a wash. Hopefully next time Cindy isn’t 2 days after I do almost 100 C2B. But I guess if it is, there’s always the time after that.

  • Peter Frelik

    Box Jump – 41in
    Cindy – 20 even

    Looking at my team mates this morning I was extremely pumped to see everyone shirtless and beastmoding through this test with everything they’ve got. Seeing that there were three athletes above 20 rounds and the rest from 15-19 makes me realize The Shirt Club is representing, homies. Good job

    • Naveen

      Speaking of representing, I see that you are registered for the Open, but not affiliated with CFNYC…

  • Jonathan P

    51″ jump (PR by 3 in)
    Cindy 19 rounds + 2 pullups (PR by 2 rounds and 2 pullups)
    So sore from Monday! But much better now that I’ve moved around

  • AI

    Box jump 38 in
    Cindy-10 rounds
    blue band pulls
    both results feel pretty weak , but, was my first attempt at max box jumps and first attempt at Cindy—-I need to pick up the pace on pull ups…Will keep pushing and will improve!!

  • Box jump: 46inch. Pr by an inch
    Cindy: 17 + 5 push-ups. Previous PR 15.5 rounds