Sunday 130224

REMINDER: All weekend classes at 28th St. location ONLY.

Black Box WOD and Beginner WOD:

[Black Box scaling:] A: 3 sets not for time: 3-5 muscle-ups, 5 HSPU/10 ring dips, 20-30 sec. L-hold. B: On the minute for 30 minutes: even – 5 power cleans, odd – 8 toes to bar

[Beginner scaling:] A: 3 sets not for time: 10 pullups, 5 ring dips/10 ring pushups, 15-20 sec. L-hold. B: On the minute for 30 minutes: even – 5 power cleans, odd – 8 v-ups

Aurelia on parallette jumps:
(Photo credit: Coach Heidi)

Here’s what’s on tap for Monday’s classes:

Black Box WOD and Beginner WOD:
A1. Reverse Lunge 3×8-10/side (no alternating) – weaker side first; A2. Scapular wall slide 3×8.

B: With a partner – 20 min AMRAP: 1 c2b pullup, 1 box jump (24″/20″), 2 c2b pullups, 2 box jumps, 3 c2b pullups…etc. [Beginners sub pullups for c2b pullups]

8X100m sprints with full recovery


  • Andrew

    A: Went for my 1 rep on overhead since I missed yesterday. Got 195 before embarrassing myself at 205.
    B: 135# and mixed v-ups and T2B to save my hands as much as possible. That WOD was long and terrible.

    • Craig T.

      Wise. Should have done the same. Hands are torn in 4 places and ended up having to do 3 rounds of v-ups anyway.

  • Jana B.

    This has been a good few days for me. Lots of, “When I started crossfit I couldn’t….” type thoughts
    A: Got good solid strict HSPUs w one ab mat and 10# bumper and good solid kipping w one ab mat. When I started I couldn’t bend my arms at all in a handstand.
    B: WOD with v-ups and 73# to round 6 then 83# for the rest and the cleans all felt good.
    C: Snatch practice for a bit after (up to 83# then they got very ugly).

    And I realized today that when I started crossfit I couldn’t hold myself on the bar in a straight arm hang. Today, while screwing around with grip on pullups I held my chip above the bar (chin up grip) for I don’t know how long but … small but satisfying improvement…body weight stuff is my nemesis.

    • Naveen

      Congrats – sounds like the hard work is paying off!

  • AndrewNYC

    WOD: started with 145 for first rounds and went up to 155 for the remainder
    T2B Entire WOD
    Great class Sean! Would love to see you on the schedule more!