Monday 130218

THANK YOU to Coach Heidi, Jansen, Scott, Matthew, Keka, Seth, Nadav, James I., Nerissa, Kent, Coach Sully, David G., Daniel L., Benjamin B., KaHee, Coach Brian, Jaclyn, Nicholas, Krista, Diego, Andy K., Lindsay K., Coach Avery, Jenny T., Brad H., Jason K., Brett R., Brian S., Mike W., Coach Court, Kevin B., Lauren G., Shannon H., Gabriella, Tarek, Kyle S., Mary W., Coach Allison, Felicia, Peter F., Philip P., Grant S., Marc F., Zac H., Simon J., Keith J., Ron L., Matt L., Amber R., Hari, Emily S., and David S. and all of our members and blog readers who donated to CFNYC as a whole or to one of the individuals listed above. Thanks to all of you we managed to raise $5600.75 (8th place worldwide!) for “Hope for Kenya” in just 2 weeks. Way to go!!

Black Box WOD and Beginner WOD:
A. 3-position Clean x7 sets

[Black Box scaling:] B. For time (7 min time cap): 10 power cleans @ 95#/65#, 10 power cleans @ 135#/95#, 10 power cleans @ 165#/105#, 10 power cleans @ 185#/115#, 10 power cleans @ 205#/125#, 10 power cleans @ 225#/135#

[Beginner scaling:] B. 30 power cleans for time – take from the hang if needed

4X100m sprints, 3X200m Sprints, 1X100m sprints

Congrats to Coach Heidi for being 20th worldwide(!) on the Individuals leaderboard for “Hope for Kenya” (raising $920) and doing us proud here at CFNYC. Here she is below, taking it easy after all that hard work… 😉 (That’s Stan in the pic with her.)

Be sure to read this post about our upcoming schedule changes!
Well-being supplementation
Establishing your drive train
Chocolate mousse made of just chocolate & water. (Yes, really.)
Breakfast SODA?!
Relax! You’ll be more productive.

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s classes:

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
3 rounds for time, w/partner
Partner 1 – Row 250m
Partner 2 – Double KB rack hold (24kg/16kg)
Focus on breathing and recovery
[Beginner scaling: 16kg/12kg]

If the class is full and people are waiting for rowers, 5 sets: max L-sit hold, 20-30 sec. handstand hold, 10-15 back extensions or good mornings with a light bar.

A1. Back Squat 3×4-6; A2. High Box Jump 3×2

[Black Box scaling:] B: 3 min AMRAP: 5 deadlifts (225#/185#), 10 pullups, 20 doubleunders; rest 3 mins; then 6 min AMRAP: 5 deadlifts, 10 pullups, 20 doubleunders – sub 40 single unders

[Beginner scaling:] B. 3 min AMRAP: 3 deadlifts, 6 pullups, 12 doubleunders; rest 3 mins; then 6 min AMRAP: 3 deadlifts, 6 pullups, 12 doubleunders – sub 24 single-unders

“Wall Ball it Up!”: Grab a wall ball, a kettlebell and a partner (both partners only need 1 Wall Ball and 1 KB).
Partner A sprints 200m with their wall ball while Partner B does a modality. They switch roles before moving onto the next modality until Partner A returns. *There are 3 rounds of this, so each partner will run a total of 12X200‘s and repeat the modalities THREE times.

Here is the line-up:
Air Squats
Tricep Dips
KB Swings


  • got to 5@185 Power Cleans. It’s harder than it looks, I thought I could make it to 205 before I started.

  • joncoffey

    Visited Coach Jason’s 7:30AM. Good to switch it up on a holiday. It’s like a sad version of going on vacation for the long weekend.

    A: 65-95-95-115-115-125-125
    B: 2’55” @95#

    Should have gone heavier all around.

  • Jonathan P

    That workout is no joke! 115×10-135×10-155×10-175×3 and then started failing, if I were to catch above parallel.

  • Jana B.

    A: 63-73-83-93-103
    B: the above felt really heavy so I did 30 PC for time at 95#: 4:54.

  • Jim S

    A: 115, 125×6
    B: 10×95, 10×135, 4×165 These started to be a grind even at 135.

  • Andrew

    Made it to 7@185, got heavy fast. The box was empty tonight.