Friday 130215

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:
A1. Front Squat 3×6-8; A2. Pullup 3×3-5 (add weight if needed)

B: 16 minutes, on the minute: even – 5 pullups, odd – 10-15 wallballs

4 X 600meters at an uptempo pace with a 100m recovery jog.

* * * * *

One of our top fundraisers for “Hope for Kenya” at CFNYC this Saturday is Keka Schermerhorn. I asked her to tell us why she’s supporting “Hope for Kenya:

“Still reeling from the worst drought in 60 years, an escalating number of Kenya’s children are suffering from hunger, malnutrition and disease.

Despite Kenya’s free and compulsory education system, poor children still cannot afford to attend school; 9 out of 10 children from poor households fail to complete their basic education. School dropout rates are increasing, especially in drought-affected areas.

CrossFit is committed to providing realistic and self-sustaining solutions to specific problems facing Kenyans in the 250 square-mile rural area surrounding Mombasa, Kenya and I am humbled to be a part of this effort by fundraising for the Kenya initiative.

If you are not fundraising please consider sponsoring me.”


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Immune system acquires memory to viruses to which it’s never been exposed
In sickness & in movement (video)
David Burnett’s Speed Graphic Photos of the London 2012 Olympics
Is the most trusted doctor in America doing more harm than good?

Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s classes, all at our 26th St. location only (normally at 28th but moved to 26th due to emergency repairs at 28th):

Black Box WOD/Beginner WOD:

“Hope for Kenya” FUNDRAISER!
12-minute AMRAP: 50 squats, 30 pushups, 15 pullups


  • reisbaron

    Took it easy today. Hamstrings haven’t been the same since the back squat/jumping squat combo on Monday. Bagged front squats after a set at 155.

    A: 95 – 135 – 155 (6 reps each)
    B: 10 wall ball per rd – black band kipping pullups

    • kev p

      Hamstrings? Who knew??

      • reisbaron

        That’s right Kev…us amateur lifters have hamstrings that are attached to the same legs as our quads, and when we’re front squatting under load we still feel them when they’re smashed.

  • AndyK

    I have my last elements class on Monday, but was told that we can come in for the Hope For Kenya WOD. If I register through, how can I choose a class to come to on Saturday?

    • Hari Singh

      You should be able to register on line, but if not, just show up, and we’ll take care of you.

      • AndyK

        OK. My wife and I registered, but were unable to choose a class time as our “membership” does not kick in until after our last elements class on Monday

        • Hari Singh

          Just show up at 25 West 26 Street, Third Floor.

  • MGolden

    This is off topic…but does anyone have a recommendation for a place in NYC to buy women’s crossfit/weightlifting shoes? And are there any that are decent and exist for under $100? (Or is that a unicorn-dream…)

    • Naveen

      I think reebok store on 37th and fifth may be your only local brick-and-mortar option. The website,, and are where I would look online, in that order. For price, also try ebay.

      If you are open to used lifting shoes, you should probably post your size and see if anyone has a spare pair.

      • David

        Paragon had the Reebok Nano 2.0 on sale for $99. Also, try City Sports on 5th Ave between 35 and 36 Streets, or 48th Street just East of 6th Ave.

        • mgolden

          Thanks guys!

    • Shannan

      Paragon Sports also has the Reeboks…

    • Shannan

      And I think you can only get the Chinese VS Sports for under a $100…they have Ristos on sale at for $140 though

  • Jim S

    Those speed graphic pics of 2012 Olympics are awesome.

    • Steve Slo

      …yeah, seriously.

  • 5:45pm Black Box

    A: 3×6 @ 73#, strict pull ups in between

    B: Mix of strict/blue band pull ups. 10 wall ball reps @ 6#…until halfway through when Coach Jason hand me try the 10#. Thanks for the push!

  • Jim S

    A: FS:185×8, 185×6, 175×6, PU: 16kgx5, 16kgx5, 25lbsx5
    B: Rx
    Thanks Kevin P. for the great cue on my FS. The rack position tip really made a difference.
    Btw, while I really like this programming, I wonder if sometimes it wouldn’t make sense to have strength days that allow for the whole hour (after warmup). I try to give myself three minutes minimum between max effort rounds (I’m not young, and I acknowledge I probably need longer recovery time than many members) and that means I’m always finishing last, or unfinished. Tonight I only went about 2 minutes between FS rounds and still had to stay after class to do my last round of weighted pull ups. There just isn’t enough time to recover between max effort rounds with time available.

    Anyway, I’m definitely not complaining here. Just suggesting that on occasion, especially for the skill lifts like C&J and Snatch, that we have a dedicated strength day.